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Our fun ShadowhuntersChat competition in December found the best loglines for the 'Shadowhunters' episodes you want to see. Here are the semifinalists.

‘Shadowhunters’ chat: The episodes #Shadowfam wants to see

We revisit the announcement of our Shadowhunters logline competition. Good times!

Even though we’re over the moon Shadowhunters S3B finally aired, it’s still been a hard year for us Shadowfans. As other shows in the TV universe are seeing renewals, we’re still waiting for our gang to get the renewal we know they deserve.

Back in dark December, we thought it was high time to show the Shadowhunters fandom some appreciation, so we came up with a fun competition to help us all get our minds off the fight and create.

It goes without saying that the Shadowfam is a creative bunch, so it was pretty hard to judge this contest – but judge we did. Here are the semifinalists. Check back on Monday to read the script we created from the winning concept.

“Good Daemon Hunting” by Annabelle

Logline: While the Shadowhunters are struggling to find demons, they look to Simon’s knowledge for help.

“Shadowworld Bound” by TEAM_MALEC_76

Logline: Magnus desperately wants a dog, but is dismayed to hear Alec is allergic. Will Malec get their happily-ever-after?

“Mundane Night Out” by Paige

Logline: While on a girl’s night out, Izzy, Clary, and Maia are interrupted by a demon attack. Jace and Simon foster a bromance while the girls are busy.

“The Warlock Side” by Hollie Sealey

Logline: When Alec and Magnus are asked to babysit Madzie, they decide to have their own child despite the complications it might cause in the future.

“Dim Sum, Lose Some” by Iris Adler

Logline: Worn out from unrelenting stress, the whole team tries to enjoy a relaxing day. But when Jace and Clary go missing, everyone joins forces to track them down.

“Happy Birthday, Baby!” by Elise

Logline: Magnus is irked Alec hasn’t got him a birthday present, but is shocked when he receives one after all: a proposal.

“Sight is Not What it Seems” by Taupe

Logline: The team faces an unexpected threat when Shadowhunters start using a new rune that causes them to see the darkness in both enemies and allies.

“Snow Day” by Chrissy

Logline: In a rare moment of peace, Magnus and Alec share their love for each other while playing freely in the snow.

“Memento Mori” by Alex

Logline: Magnus finds himself in an nightmarish apocalypse caused by his father. He must fight his own demons and embrace his human side to get home.

“Revenge is a Dish Best Served Old” by Sian265, Denise

Logline: Edom gets revenge by sending a memory demon after Alec that transports him to painful moments from his past.

“It’s a Kinda Magic” by Simona

Logline: A magicless Magnus is kidnapped by a young Warlock harboring a deep grudge. Seeing himself in the Warlock, Magnus sets out to help him find a new family.

“Warlock Play” by Abbey

Logline: After a day shopping for Madzie, Magnus and Alec decide to adopt a child.

“All Lilith’s Children” by Silke

Logline: When children with strange symptoms keep begin appearing at the hospital, Magnus investigates, finds a great threat, and sets in motion a great battle.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” by Negin

Logline: Finally, our heroes get to relax. The gang goes on holiday for Alec’s birthday where they enjoy plenty of fun inside and outside the bedrooms.

“Parabatai Girls” by Vrashali

Logline: Clary and Izzy want to become parabatai, but have no idea how to make it happen. Izzy finds out how and surprises Clary.

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