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Get ready to wince. Here are some memorable injuries that happened in 'The Amazing Race' – they make us glad we’re watching instead of participating.

If you want to enter a contest to get reads from real agents for your screenwriting then you’ll want to enter the Great American Script Contest.

Scriptapalooza is one of the best contests for writers to get their work to the right people. Here's why you should enter.

Would-be screenwriters can’t do much better than the Save the Cat! Here's how screenwriters can get involved with this contest.

Are you a screenwriter with a passion for faith-based projects? Faith in Film might just be giving you the opportunity to be an agent of change. Here's how.

We are totally digging the Tirota/Finish Line Social Impact Script Competition. Here's everything screenwriters need to know about the event.

Script Summit promises to be one of the most important events of the year for screenwriters. Here's why you should get involved!

Are you a filmmaker who has made the most with a teeny-tiny budget? Then we have the competition for you - Film Freeway’s Micro Film Tournament!

Our fun ShadowhuntersChat competition in December found the best loglines for the 'Shadowhunters' episodes you want to see. Here are the semifinalists.