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Are you a fledgling screenwriter? We've created a new opportunity to help get your name into industry circles. Enter the Film Daily competition now.

Calling new writers – One week left to enter the Film Daily competition

Calling new writers – one week left to enter the Film Daily competition!

If you’re a fledgling screenwriter, you’ll know gaining exposure is the biggest hurdle you face. That’s why Film Daily created a new opportunity to get your name into industry circles.

Film Daily is looking for fresh voices with unique and exciting stories to tell. Our first competition is for features, short films, and TV pilots in either the drama or comedy genres – and the deadline is fast approaching.

Not convinced you should enter? Three reasons to give it a shot:

Calling card

A win (or even placing as a runner-up) is a huge calling card. When approaching agents, being able to tell them you won an award for your writing may just swing you into the “consider” pile.

Deadlines are a good thing

What’s more motivating than a looming deadline? If you have bags of ideas but struggle with commitment, having a scary delivery date on your calendar may be just the kick in the rear you need.

Did someone say cash prize?

If the recognition and love of the craft isn’t enough to get your fingers typing furiously, many competitions also offer cash prizes. Just think of all the cinema tickets and overpriced coffee you could buy . . . .

We’ve even provided a handy guide on how to get your script noticed by the judges. What more could you ask for?

If you don’t think you’ll make this one, there are plenty of other competitions out there. Check out The Launch Pad, currently accepting feature film scripts; Screencraft, who run genre-specific contests all year round; and Bluecat Screenplay Competition, kindly providing a written analysis for each entry.

So what are you waiting for? The Film Daily Screenwriting Contest closes on July 31.

Enter now!

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