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Screenwriting is a complex craft that requires creativity, storytelling skills, and meticulous attention to structure and format. ChatGPT can help!

As a writer, you must find burning points of view begging to be shown on screen. Every producer asks: “So, what are the themes in your script?”

Don’t worry your little cotton socks off. We’re gonna teach you how to research like a boss and make your script sound _goooooood_.

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is knowing what to write. How do you kill writer’s block in its face? With a big-ass stick – and these tips!

The first step to creating a successful web series is coming up with an idea and writing it down. For the rest, use these helpful tips to guide

Critically-acclaimed screenwriter Alexander Payne shares insider tips for up and coming filmmakers. Grab your pen and take notes from a professional!

'The Letter' is an award-winning script by Brett Howard Nelson. Learn more about the script and the screenwriter here.

Event Horizon Films collaborates with film festivals to help find aspiring screenwriters. Learn more about Event Horizon here.

Diversity in Hollywood is an ongoing struggle. Discover why the writers room is crucial to enacting change.