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The Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) is committed to providing leadership in screen education. Here's why you should get involved.

Have you written your script with stage direction dictating every possible close-up, aerial shot, mid-shot, deep focus, and handheld shot?

Aspiring screenwriters need two things: a high-quality project and industry access to decision-makers. Script2Screens's screenwriting contest awards both.

Want to learn the secret of supercharging your screenplay and gaining a huge competitive advantage? We introduce to you the magic of the table read.

We have a few social media suggestions for you to increase your coverage, viewership, and profits with far more success than Facebook.

So how do you go about getting your amazing new film production team around you? Here are some ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of the Oscar-nominated scripts available to download from the 2018 lineup so that you budding screenwriters can brush up.

Let's talk about the history of film and gain some perspective on the ways stories have been told visually over the last century.

Do you dream of becoming a sensational scriptwriter? Stop dreaming and start writing – go From Zero to Hero with our Write Your Short in 30 Days program.