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The thought of being a screenwriter and seeing your world come to life on screen is breathtaking. There are tips you’ll want to keep in mind as you

Let's talk about the history of film and gain some perspective on the ways stories have been told visually over the last century.

No-budget filmmakers have a knack for overthinking everything, assuming that their films have to be perfect in order to make an impact in the film world, which often

Rather than being screwed by Facebook’s algorithms and a “boost” system that drains your wallet without any guarantee of a successful audience reach, we have a few social

Set in the picturesque location of New South Wales, Australia, and boasting a rich program of independent film alongside cutting-edge virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences, the Byron

Any budding screenplay writer will agree that getting your script from page to production is a tough feat. However, producers Jason Shuman (Lone Survivor) & Zachary Green (Spartan)

Scriptapalooza TV What: Founded in 1998, this competition has generated heat, publicity and garnered respect in the industry. When: Deadline is October 16 Where: Everywhere Prizes: Over $3000 in cash prizes Categories: Pilot, Sitcom, Reality,

Calling new writers – one week left to enter the Film Daily competition! If you’re a fledgling screenwriter, you’ll know gaining exposure is the biggest hurdle you face. That’s

Want to learn the secret of supercharging your screenplay and gaining a huge competitive advantage? We introduce to you the magic of the table read. So you’ve got your