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'The Letter' is an award-winning script by Brett Howard Nelson. Learn more about the script and the screenwriter here.

Diversity in Hollywood is an ongoing struggle. Discover why the writers room is crucial to enacting change.

Scriptapalooza is the perfect screenwriting prize this quarantine. Here’s a brief list of why this is the competition for you.

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In its tenth year, the New Media Film Festival is a can’t-miss submittal for your script. Here's why you'll want to enter the New Media Film Festival.

The Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) is committed to providing leadership in screen education. Here's why you should get involved.

Does your screenwriting include stage direction dictating every possible close-up, aerial shot, mid-shot, deep focus, and handheld shot?

Aspiring screenwriters need two things: a high-quality project and industry access to decision-makers. Script2Screens's screenwriting contest awards both.

Want to learn the secret of supercharging your screenplay and gaining a huge competitive advantage? We introduce to you the magic of the table read.