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Connections are the game in the media industry. Script Pipeline is the perfect competition for newcomers. Here's why you should enter.

Here’s why writers should enter the Script Pipeline and win prizes

Connections are the game in the media industry. To get anywhere up the ladder, it comes down to who you know, not how you work. You could have the best script out there on the Blacklist, but if no one knows your name, that means absolutely nothing. So how do you get your name in front of the right people? Scriptwriting contests, like the Script Pipeline.

The screenwriting competition has been running for 20 years with no sign of stopping yet. In its 21st year, Script Pipeline is ready to offer up to $50,000 in prizes to its winners before we even count the exposure. If you’re looking for a sign to keep going with scriptwriting, this is your shot. Script Pipeline is the perfect competition for newcomers. 

Actual success stories

While a lot of scriptwriting competitions show off their alumni, it’s people who are playing second fiddle to bigger names, or still stuck in the indie scene after years. Script Pipeline has names who are tied to big projects that they led. 

Script Pipeline has names like Tripper Clancy, who wrote Stuber and is working on I Am Not Okay With This, and Evan Daugherty, who wrote Snow White & The Huntsman, Divergent, and Tomb Raider. Heck, Snow White was the script Daugherty entered in Script Pipeline. 

Connections is the magic word

The reason Script Pipeline has so many grand success stories is because they know the magic word is connections. It takes a lot to get your work in front of the right people, but that’s what the winners can expect if they win Script Pipeline’s competition. 

If you win, your work will be circulated around Script Pipeline’s partners. If you have other work to promote, they’ll push that out as well. Your biggest supporters will be Script Pipeline’s staff if you place as a finalist. Previous winner Helen Gaughran notes that as her favorite part of the competition. 

Money, money, money

Of course, fame and fortune is nice, but it takes time before that pays your rent. If you take home the grand prize at Script Pipeline, you’re looking at $25,000. But runner ups aren’t too bad off, they’ll each walk away with $25,000. 

Keep in mind, this is $25,000 a category. So both the TV writing and Screenwriting winners/runner ups will walk away a bit richer in cash and critiques. There’s very few competitions that can offer you both. 

So if you’re still struggling to find your shot, this is it. The Script Pipeline competition is still accepting submissions until May 31st, so there’s time to get your script together for entry. You can submit on the Script Pipeline website or on FilmFreeway. This is the shot you’ve been waiting for, enter the Script Pipeline competition today!

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