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So ya wanna be a screenwriter. You've typed your fingers off. What next? The short answer is: enter some reputable screenwriting competitions, stat.

By studying and analysing the traits and stylistic techniques of your favorite artists and their screenplays, you can begin to fine-tune your own work and discover new ways

Are you interested in learning how to write a screenplay? Whether you’re a student, aspiring screenplay writer, or you’ve already booked your first few gigs and you’re looking

We’ve compiled a list of the best drama screenplays available to download for free (and don’t fret, folks – it’s all legal).

A script supervisor is an important part of the team and when you inevitably move up in the biz and become a big shot in Hollywood, they are

Take a look at almost any classic Hollywood movie. Most will follow the model known as The Hero’s Journey – a twelve-step monomyth concept originally presented by Joseph

So you want to get into making short films – after all, it’s where many of the greatest directors started. Here are five essential books for any budding

Since we’re in the midst of 'Ocean’s 8' mania following its release earlier this month, we've compiled a list of screenplays for some of Hollywood's action-adventure classics that

Not satisfied with saturating the taxi industry, Uber is set to disrupt the publishing industry too by launching its very own magazine. To ease your nausea, we’re turning