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Do you know how many of your favorite films were based on novels? While everybody knows that some books have a movie adaptation, these might surprise you.

Do You Know Who Wrote Your Favourite Film?

A great deal of top-rated and critically acclaimed movies are actually based or inspired by books. Although most of the action entertainment blockbusters, like The Avengers, are all based on comic books, there are lots of other popular films that most only know as movies. Meaning, the film has become so popular that over the years nobody even mentioned the book. 

So, let’s see if you knew that the movies on this list were also based on a book. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to read the original work as well.   

The Godfather

The first two Godfather films both won an oscar for the best picture. Moreover, both of the movies are based on Mario Puzo’s novel called The Godfather, and they did an amazing job of elevating the story presented in the book. The third movie in this franchise was not received that well, and it wasn’t actually based on any novel. This just goes to show how sticking to the source material really matters. 

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a true masterpiece and one of the most charming stories you’ll ever see. However, people rarely mention the book by Winston Groom. This is because the movie kind of feels like a different experience. Sure it has its sad moments, but the original work is darker and delves deeper into the morally gray area.   

The Shining 

This one is a bit controversial. The movie has a cult following, and a lot of viewers went in two deep and on a search for hidden messages and conspiracies that Kubrick is trying to tell them. For many, this is one of the best horror movies of all time, which is really hard to realize. Yet the original author Stephen King did not like the movie when it was released. It did not stick to the source material as much as people had hoped. 

Yet, the movie did better compared to a TV series that was closely following King’s novel.  

The Silence of the Lambs 

Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins did such an amazing job at portraying the characters that the movie became an instant hit. The film adaptation closely follows Thomas Harris’s novel, but it is also a separate experience. It’s almost impossible to read this book now and imagine Hannibal as anyone other than Anthony Hopkins. 

Jurassic Park

With the amount of over-the-top sequels this movie is getting, it’s almost impossible to think they are based on the book. Well, the first one was, and that one was actually a massive success. 

Other movies are just trying to piggyback off its success, but the original Jurassic Park feels like the only one that had a story to tell. The novel is written by Michael Crichton, and it also had a sequel. Later both novels were published under the name Jurassic World.  

Fight Club

The novel by Chuck Palahniuk and the movie David Fincher, are remarkably similar and yet different. The novel is more about our primal rage and frustrations that we are forced to keep in check. The movie is also about that, but it heavily criticizes consumerism. Of course, both are centered around fight clubs as a coping mechanism for frustration.  


Clearly, books are an endless source of inspiration, but they are also useful to test how many readers feel about the story. It’s a lot harder to get the budget approved to film a movie than to publish a book. So if a book does well, it makes sense to make a movie as well. Many are inspired because of this and wish to become writers themselves. You can always improve or hone your writing skills through essay writing service reviews that you can find online. Basically, you get a professional writer to help you or simply edit and proofread your work. Anyone who is shy of submitting their work to public opinion should get an editor or an online tutor to help them with their writing.

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