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Warner Bros. have announced that Ewan McGregor will be starring as a grown up Danny Torrance in 'Doctor Sleep', the long awaited sequel to Stanley Kubrick‘s horror classic

The horror streaming service Shudder isn’t exactly brand new. Yet given its spiked number of users over the last couple of months, it might as well be for

Whether you’ve got a stacked social calendar this summer or you’re looking at a hellishly humid few months stuck in work with no chance of a break, there

Studios spend millions marketing their biggest releases, but there’s nothing like free media coverage to launch a movie into the public spotlight, the more controversial, the better. After

It was not looking too good for the small-screen adaptation of the comic book series 'Locke and Key' for a minute. However, just two months after Hulu opted

We get it – we’re macabre hideous fiends ourselves who often choose closing the curtains and watching a savage film over leaving the house and barbecuing with friends.

Screw the beach, say “fuck you” to the sun, and the forget all about that blasted bikini bod. We’re here for all the hot new shows hitting the

It can be a struggle getting those bingewatching schedules in order so to help you out, we’ve put together a list of the most anticipated new TV shows

Load ‘em up, bitches – it’s hunting time! Coralie Fargeat’s thriller hit 'Revenge' hits theaters tomorrow, folks. In the runup to its release, we’re taking at a look