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Are you a filmmaker who has made the most with a teeny-tiny budget? Then we have the competition for you - Film Freeway’s Micro Film Tournament!

Here’s why filmmakers should enter The Micro Film Tournament

Are you a filmmaker who has made the most with a teeny-tiny budget? Have you had to tap into new levels of creativity to get your film made for next-to-nothing? Then we have the competition for you! Micro-budget filmmaker Marcus Mizelle‘s The Micro Film Tournament is all about those filmmakers who “make the most with the least”.

A fresh new film competition

The Micro Film Tournament is taking a different approach to the independent film competition game. Set up like March Madness, the four-round competition is set up specifically to resemble an aspect of the current real-world marketplace new films face. 

In round 1, sixteen feature films are selected by an online audience who vote on the film’s key art and synopsis- just like a VOD consumer deciding what to watch.

Those films who move onto the quarterfinals will face a new challenge. Eight feature films and eight shorts are selected by a committee of working industry professionals that support our cause – i.e. producers and filmmakers of major Hollywood films. That committee will view and critique the remaining films to determine which ones move on to the final four.

The four features and four shorts who make it into the semifinals are reviewed by a pool of film critics on a 5-star system with the top two overall averages moving on to the final round.

Lastly, the two remaining films are voted on by a live audience attending the closing night double feature.

What kinds of films qualify?

The Micro Film Tournament is passionate about recognizing the under-appreciated space that is quality micro-budget films. Knowing how hard it can be to get your film recognition with no big names or ad dollars, The Micro Film Tournament also knows how rewarding it can be when your film reaches the audience it was meant for. 

Films that qualify are feature films shot for less than $250k. The first 16 features will be chosen by a committee of programmers, the only selections made internally. The rest is up to the people. 

There is no film age limit so past projects that may just be sitting on a shelf waiting for a revival are eligible as well. The Micro Film Tournament are encouraging filmmakers to blow the dust off of old works and give them the revival they deserve.

Additionally, consider submitting your short films, as long as it works as a proof of concept (POC) for a feature film you would like to create down the line. Each feature in the second round and beyond will open with a short film/POC.


Let’s talk prizes

The Micro Film Tournament knows there are so many great films made for so very little, and not nearly enough acknowledgement goes out to these highly creative and passionate endeavours. Instead, low-budget films get lost in the mix when competing against their big-bucks competitors. Passionate about changing that, The Micro Film Tournament recognizes not just your end result but how much you actually pulled off with what you had. True creative success should be celebrated. 

The grand prize winners of best feature + short of “The Micro” receives:

  • Camera, Lighting & Sound Package for your next week-long shoot
  • Sit-down with an industry professional to pitch your next project
  • The Micro Champion trophy – “Best Feature” + “Best Short”
  • Plus more prizes to be modified as The Micro Film Tournament continues to lock in sponsors

All sixteen films initially selected are eligible for the following awards, to be awarded on closing night, after the final double feature: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Poster, and Best Trailer

Four of the final eight filmmakers will also be invited to take part in a Director’s Round Table to discuss their micro-budget process which will be shared on The Micro Film Tournament’s social media, podcast and more.

How to submit your Micro Film

The Micro Film Tournament takes place on November 5 – 8, 2020 in Burbank CA.  Entries can be submitted now. Those wanting to learn more about this unique competition can find The Mirco Film Tournament on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re looking for a testimonial on the Micro Film Tournament, check out No Film School’s take on the competition, and then get that micro-budget film made! Use discount code 10offbyJan for 10% off your submission. The code expires on January 31st, 2020.

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