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Film contests are organized by different players in the filmmaking industry. Here are some benefits filmmakers can get once they enter film contests.

Great benefits of entering film contests for amateur filmmakers

Being a filmmaker can broaden your horizons. Through this career, you’ll be able to travel, earn high wages, and even become famous. However, before you can achieve the peak of your filmmaking career, you should know how to stand out from the competition – and entering film contests can be an excellent platform for this purpose. 

Film contests are organized by different players in the filmmaking industry, such as universities, local governments, private organizations, or online communities like My Hero Films. Here are some benefits amateur filmmakers can get once they enter film contests.

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1. Contests can help you find a distributor.

So you believe you’ve created a masterpiece and, once it hits the cinemas, you’re confident that the tickets for your film will sell like hotcakes. Every amateur filmmaker has this kind of vision, but the reality is that you first need to find distributors who will get your film into local cinemas. Entering film contests might just help you with this challenge.

When you enter film festivals, it’ll be easier for you to find a distributor who has the same vision as yours. Once you’re able to work with the right distributor, you’re a step closer to becoming a renowned filmmaker. 

Themes are crucial to any story. Producers need to know this info quickly to find out if your screenplay is worth making into a film or not.

2. Contests allow you to learn new things. 

The filmmaking industry is constantly evolving. The elements the viewers are looking for in a film today are likely different from what they wanted to see years ago. If viewers were happy seeing romantic films two years ago, the same might not be true today. 

Viewers might prefer seeing zombie movies or sci-fi films since technology has also evolved in filmmaking, giving way to the use of special effects that were otherwise not available or not as improved in the past. 

Joining film festivals allows you to learn new things. Usually, film festivals hold seminars and panels that allow you to raise questions addressed to an expert in the industry. Sitting in seminars and panels is a great and fun way for you to expand your filmmaking knowledge.

3. Contests can exhibit your films.

As an aspiring filmmaker, you want to mold your skills to fit the industry. You want to know if your films are appealing to your target audience, as well as how your films can be improved as you move forward. Film exhibiting is something that you can experience once you join film festivals. 

Since film festivals are mostly viewed by knowledgeable and appreciative viewers, as well as film enthusiasts, you’ll know how to mold your skills as a filmmaker. The audience during film festivals can provide an outside viewpoint about your film, allowing you to pinpoint which parts of your film should be removed, retained, or improved.

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4. Contests can provide cash prizes.

The scarcity of financial resources is one of the reasons why amateur filmmakers have a hard time launching their careers. Limited resources can hinder them from using, for instance, advanced filmmaking techniques that involve special effects. Of course, it goes without saying that filmmakers might not be able to hire more prominent or more experienced actors that can bolster the quality of their film. 

Joining film festivals can help you with this problem. Several film festivals actually offer cash prizes for filmmakers who can produce the best film in a particular season. The money you’ll earn through film festivals can be a great start for you to finally jumpstart your career as a filmmaker!

5. Contests can draw attention to your film through awards.

Getting cash from joining film festivals is just one thing. Through this platform, you’ll also be able to earn awards that can help draw attention to your film. This is especially true if media coverage is present at the film festival. The more people who know about your film, the faster you can climb the ladder of success in the filmmaking industry.

6. Contests can help you network with other people in the industry.

The filmmaking industry is vast. In order for you to become a successful filmmaker, you need to observe how experts and luminaries and the industry have improved their respective crafts. You should do your own research and know more about the filmmaking industry. After all, knowledge is power, and the filmmaking industry is not an exception. 

Joining a film festival is a great avenue for you to network with other people in the industry. Because film festivals are participated in by directors, producers, actors, and film critics from different parts of the globe, expect that you’ll learn important tips straight from the horse’s mouth. Film festivals can even become the reason why you’ll finally meet your inspiration in person.

The bottom line

Creating a film and making sure that it enters (or even wins) a specific film festival can be a stressful process. This can even require months or even years to accomplish. But if you’re really serious about making it big in the filmmaking industry, you should be more than willing to take all of these risks.

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