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'Dark Matter' was a cult hit from the first episode. Here are the loose ends that the sci fi show was unable to resolve.

Sci fi show ‘Dark Matter’: All the loose ends we want tied up

Watching the closing moments of Dark Matter was a little like taking a book out of the library and finding out some colossal douchenugget had torn out the last chapter. You’ve anticipated the conclusion for so long, only for the final minutes to usher in changes & cliffhangers so drastic that you assume there must be more pages to turn. But no: the characters are left hanging in limbo, their fate doomed to uncertainty for the rest of time.

Fans of Dark Matter were more amped than ever for the exciting premiere of the new season that was all set to answer our most pressing questions, but just three months after the final episode aired, SyFy pulled the plug, knowing that there was still so much story to tell. The series had become infamous for its shocking cliffhangers, so tanking the show before it had the chance to wrap up was the definition of unchill.

This year we’re reigniting the hype for fallen shows cut down in their prime in utmost disrespect to their most dedicated fans. Dark Matter is just one of the many series we’re campaigning for, so we’re gonna give you a reminder of why the show deserves to be saved with a rundown of all the loose ends, twists, and turns that need closure. Abandon all hope, ye who eschew spoilers.

The black ships

Dark Matter is known for superb space battles, with polished CGI that wouldn’t feel amiss on a movie screen. The very last episode showcases one of the best yet, huge armadas ripping each other part in the vacuum of space.

While the signature craziness of a Dark Matter finale races to closure around them, the battle is swiftly interrupted by a massive spacetime anomaly through which emerge a number of ginormous black ships. An imposing fleet, their arrival promised an exciting new threat for season 4. Sadly, we’ll never get to see who or what were in the pilot seats.


The black ships answered the question Dark Matter fans have been asking since the start: are these characters alone in the universe? The series is an epic, sprawling sci-fi very much in the tradition of Star Trek and Stargate, so it was likely only a matter of time before extraterrestrial friends or foes were introduced. Until season 4 is back on the radar, though, we won’t get to see how the introduction of an alien threat to the series plays out.

If there’s one thing at the core of Dark Matter’s thrilling season finales, it’s a good old-fashioned doublecross. The series loves pitting characters against each other, and the last episode was no different, with fan favorite Two breaking our hearts with the revelation that she’s been possessed by the mysterious alien entities briefly glimpsed earlier in the season.

Six is dead?

In a heroic last-ditch attempt to save his crew, Six detonates the blink drive, sacrificing himself so the others might survive. Maybe not the best idea, but it did contribute to one of the most thrilling cliffhangers of the show’s history.

The fate of Six is hanging in the balance. He’s presumed dead, but of course you can never be sure with the spacetime-bending logic of Dark Matter. Had the series moved into its fourth season, there’s every chance we could have seen his return.

One of our fave side characters in the show is Sarah, who is tragically killed by a deadly virus when her stasis pod shuts down. However, in Season 2, her fate is given another shot when she appears to Three via a neural link. It’s later revealed Five has been trying to restore her by storing her consciousness in a digital form, with the promise that she’d later get her own android body. Looks like that ain’t never gonna happen.

The Android’s future

The season 3 episode “All the Time in the World” riffs superbly on Groundhog Day and may feel like a bit of light thriller until Android does her thing by sabotaging the device to shut it down. Before that, she inadvertently manages to travel to the future to meet with an old Five, who warns her of disastrous things to come. Some are clear, such as the fall of the house of Ishida, and Android meeting her creator.

However, some predictions are delivered in mysterious one-word warnings: Kryden, Carina, and the Accelerated: intriguing teases for the next set of season arcs now only known as glimpses of what will never come.

There’s so much to mine out of this amazing show, and we’re still distraught that so many threads might end up going nowhere. Don’t forget to get your friends watching & campaign for your favorite lost shows as loud as you can, and hopefully we can get SyFy to realize what a mistake they’ve made.

If you’re really desperate to find out what’s going to happen to the Raza crew, you can check out co-creator Joseph Mallozzi’s Twitter, who posted a number of “virtual episodes” for the unrealized season 4. Just don’t get mad if the series eventually carries ahead and you already know the biggest twists ahead of time!

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  • Sarah got her android body at the end of 3×10. It just wasn’t on the Raza.

    July 11, 2020
  • This, and their untimely cutting of other shows and a completed disconnect with fans is why, though I am a fan of Sci-fi I am NOT a fan of Syfy, and now refuse to watch ANYTHING that channel puts out. Period.

    August 24, 2020
    • You an me both Scott. Worst channel

      August 22, 2021
  • Really liked this show. Wish Netflix or amazon would pick it up to finish off the story! Oh well….. guess we’ll never know who or what was I’m those black ships!! :-/

    August 28, 2020
  • Its never too late, even though year’s have passed and the character shave all aged (thanks covid) I don’t think it matters when we are dealing with space time and warping.


    May 25, 2021
  • How about a Dark matter: The Black Ships movie to tie everything up, as was done with Serenity for Firefly?

    July 7, 2023

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