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Chucky the murderous doll from the 'Child's Play' movies is back and heading to TV. Get ready to be terrified of dolls again with this first look.

Do you love the ‘Chucky’ movie? Peek at this horrifying new series

That’s right, the demented, profanity-spewing, red-haired killer doll is back. Except this time, Chucky isn’t coming back with a new movie but instead an entirely new series. It’s been reported that the show Chucky will premiere on October 12th at 10 p.m. on USA & SYFY.

Just in time for the Halloween season, Chucky is apparently returning to its roots by bringing back the original creator Don Mancini. Here are all the details about the upcoming Chucky show and what to expect from the beloved homicidal doll. 

Chucky creator reveals new series

Franchise creator & showrunner Don Mancini also co-wrote the original Chucky movie, Child’s Play which was released in 1988. Not only did Mancini work on the original iconic horror movie but he also wrote & directed numerous sequels including Cult of Chucky in 2017.

The show is said to follow a small town that will find itself embroiled in grisly murders after a vintage Chucky doll was sold at a yard sale. Many franchise characters are said to be making their return along with the menacing doll in the upcoming series.

Mancini revealed, “The main character is a 14-year-old gay boy who’s bullied and sort of lost after the recent death of his mother. He’s a young artist [making] sculptures with doll parts. He finds Chucky at a yard sale and buys him, but it turns out that he gets much more than he bargained for.”

The showrunner also described how he wanted to bring the franchise back to its origins. Mancini said, “One of the things I wanted to do was bring [the franchise] back to its Child’s Play roots and have the protagonists [be] kids.”

“But since, with the first couple of movies, we’d already delved into having little kids I wanted to explore something different, so this time we’re exploring young teenagers,” he added.

The cast of Chucky

Zackary Arthur will be playing the unfortunate fourteen year old boy who buys Chucky from a yard sale. Arthur is known for his performances in the series Transparent and The 5th Wave.

Joining the series will be returning franchise favorites such as Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, and Christine Elise. Brad Dourif will also be returning as the legendary voice of the knife-wielding psychopath. 

Mancini explains the Chucky timeline

“One of the things that we pride ourselves on, and I think makes our franchise singular, is that we have spun a relatively consistent and coherent narrative over the course of 33 years and seven films and now eight episodes of television,” said Mancini. 

He continued, “I think that’s one of the things that our fans like about the Chucky franchise. I deliberately ended Cult of Chucky on a series of cliffhangers, major cliffhangers, because I knew a TV series would be the ideal place to accommodate delving into the ramifications.”

“So we begin the series introducing our new story, our new milieu, and then we start to bring the veteran characters into the story, and it all comes together for a big showdown.”

Chucky’s new style & Mancini’s plans for the series

“Over the years, I’ve heard that the consensus fan favorite among all the movies is Child’s Play 2, I think one of the reasons for that is how Chucky looked in that movie and how the late director John Lafia, who passed away last year, shot Chucky,” said Mancini. 

The creator added, “Our goal with the series was to bring Chucky’s look precisely back to that. Tony Gardner and Peter Chevako (special effects artists responsible for creating the show’s puppets) have done a great job. I think fans are really going to love that.”

Additionally, the showrunner has also revealed that if the show is a hit then he’s ready to release more Chucky content. Mancini reported that he hopes to release further seasons of Chucky and even more movies.

“We have plans to do that, whether in lieu of additional seasons of the series or in tandem with [them], potentially. We’re creating a broader Chucky universe with the TV series that now could span over different media,” said Mancini.

Are you excited about the new Chucky series? Do you remember the first time you watched the movie Child’s Play? Let us know in the comments below!

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