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Film Daily are standing with cancelled shows this year in hopes of saving what deserves a second chance.

June became a cancellation wasteland and we had to say goodbye to Timeless, the balls-to-the-wall but brilliant timeline-hopping sci-fi series.

Here are ten US hits that were inspired by foreign TV shows, from AMC's 'The Killing' to Netflix's political thriller 'House of Cards'.

Everyone loves presents, right? So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or heck, you just want to show your buddy or relative how much you love them, here are

2018 has proven to be a divisive year. Socially, politically, and within the barb-slinging Wild West of the internet, everything seems to be defined by bold disparate opinions,

The road for the Timeless fans has been about as straightforward as a fluffed travel through time. Since launching in 2016, NBC’s show starring Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter,

Fans aren’t waiting for networks to realize the error of their ways and stride in like a shining knight to save them. In 2018 the efforts of these

When historians (or time travellers) look back on this era, they may well stroke their chins at the manner with which we all voraciously consume television shows and

When the sci-fi series Timeless dropped on NBC back in 2016, it was hailed a smart time travel drama with a solid future ahead, however, the show was