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From 'Anne with an E' to the 'The OA', celebrities can get just as passionate as fans over renewing their fave shows. Get with the program, Netflix!

Save Netflix’s ‘The OA’: Celebrities fight to save their favorite shows

Celebrities: they’re just like us. Granted, most of them have a lot more money than us, but celebrities are human beings too. They put on one shoe at a time like the rest of us. They also binge watch TV like the rest of us, finding shows they’re addicted to. 

So it should come as no surprise that when we’re outraged a show gets cancelled, the show’s celebrities fans are just as pissed. Anne with an E fans just got a nice taste of this yesterday thanks to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds speaking out. In a reply to Netflix’s official Twitter, Reynolds wrote: “You guys might want to renew Anne with an E. Unless ‘final season’ is just a fun way of saying ‘halfway point’.”

If Deadpool himself can get vocal about a show’s cancellation, what other Hollywood stars are on the side of the viewer? We’re here to call out the celebrities fighting the good fight, and giving our dear fandoms some people they can reach out to for support. Who knows, maybe these celebrities voicing their disdain are working behind the scenes to get another season. 

Emma Roberts and Indya Moore for The OA

With how revolutionary of a story The OA was telling, it’s a shame that it got cut before it could properly finish its story. American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts made it clear from the beginning how much she loved the show, and she voiced her devastation on Instagram when the show was cancelled.

Pose star Indya Moore was also heartbroken over The OA’s cancellation. Sci-Fi is an escape, and Moore made it clear that The OA was her escape from the real world. “#TheOA offers my imagination an escape from the marginalizing forces that want to restrict, capitalize, abuse & exploit our unique/conventionally challenging existences.” 

Kelly Clarkson for Timeless

The Voice coach and American Idol alum has made it loud and clear how much she loves the NBC sci-fi drama. In an interview at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Clarkson fangirled over how she met Matt Lanter and made it clear she wants Timeless to get another season. 

Busy Philipps and Lin-Manuel Miranda for One Day at a Time

While ODAAT may have a happier ending than most of the shows on this list, it still took some time to get a renewal from Pop TV. When creator Gloria Calderon Kellett tweeted the show needed more views to be saved, veteran TV actress Busy Philipps stepped right up to support One Day at a Time. Even once Netflix gave it the ax, Busy Philipps knew right away to start petitioning other networks on Twitter. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda is no stranger to saving TV shows, but we’ll get to that other big one later. From the minute the cancellation was announced, Miranda made his disgust with Netflix loud and clear. When that Vulture report came out alleging that Netflix wouldn’t let the rights to One Day at a Time go, Miranda pointed out that by doing this, Netflix was saying no to the great Norman Lear of all people. 

Stephanie Beatriz for Tuca & Bertie

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is no stranger to cancellations, so she made it clear that she hopes Tuca & Bertie finds a new life somewhere else. “I dearly love Tuca & Bertie and felt many moments of joy and surprise while watching it. felt seen, understood, and like I was having a really fun/sometimes difficult conversation with a BFF.”

The entire internet for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This may be an exaggeration, but it felt like everyone got up in arms over the cancellation. Led by Miranda again, basically, everyone famous and not famous was traumatized in the 31 hours that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled.

Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Sean Astin (Stranger Things), Guillermo del Toro, Seth Myers, and even the freaking Backstreet Boys made it clear how pissed they were. Need we say more?

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