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Here are ten US hits that were inspired by foreign TV shows, from AMC's 'The Killing' to Netflix's political thriller 'House of Cards'.

We’ve been astounded by how much streaming has taken over in the last year. Check out this selection of the wildest statistics from 2018.

Fans aren’t waiting for networks to realize the error of their ways and stride in like a shining knight to save them. In 2018 the efforts of these

To celebrate and show support to the Hollywood hero, here’s our ranking of Terry Crews's eleven best roles so far that prove he’s a man and a talent

Regardless of whether we all saw this one coming, there’s still something rotten about hearing that Fox has cancelled 'Ghosted' after just one tumultuous season.

We talk a lot here at Film Daily about the positive power of fandoms and how groups of fans can legitimately affect change for their favorite shows and

Quite frankly, we can’t wait until July 8 when 'Sharp Objects' makes it debut on HBO. Until then, here’s our ranking of the top ten crime shows that

Following the announcement last week that Freeform has cancelled 'Shadowhunters' – meaning the second half of S3 will air in 2019 and feature the last ever episodes of