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A brand new comedic sitcom from Mike Schur is finally in the works for IMDb TV, and we can't wait. Find out all the exciting details about it here.

Is Mike Schur ditching NBC for Amazon? Get the deets on his newest show

To the one who helped create iconic sitcom scenes from the Dunder Mifflin building in Scranton, Pennsylvania from The Office all the way to a fantastical heaven-and-hell-like-afterlife setting from The Good Place, producer Mike Schur has truly been the mastermind behind some of the most popular and well-known shows to come to NBC. 

However, it seems like Mike Schur is branching out and parting ways with the company that’s helped build up his name and reputation all these years. The producer is now bringing his talent to. . . drumroll please. . . Amazon Studios! His upcoming show will be coming to IMDb TV, the new-ish streaming platform backed by Amazon that boasts free streaming for its users. Let’s take a look at the upcoming project fans are excited to see. 

Another series

Mike Schur will soon be adding another TV show to that long and impressive resume of his, although we’re sure he doesn’t even need to pull one out to be hired anymore at this point. The Good Place creator is teaming up with author Shea Serrano to develop a show called Primo. The series was originally supposed to go to ABC, but it has just been picked up to be released on IMDb TV

Primo will be a family comedy that will be semi-autobiographical, based on Shea Serrano’s life growing up. Deadline explained the synopsis of the show as “a coming-of-age story about a Mexican-American teenager balancing cultural norms, college aspirations, societal expectations and the hectic home life of being raised by his single mom and five uncles”. David Miner will also be helping as executive producer. 

The series is a Fremulon and 3 Arts production associated with Universal TV. While we don’t have any other details about the show as of now such as which stars will be casted, we’re sure it should be good considering Mike Shur and Shea Serrano’s names are on the project. And because the upcoming series will be released on IMDb TV, we’re excited to be able to view the show for no cost at all. 

Taking a look at Mike Schur’s career 

Anyone who loves comedy and American sitcoms knows Mike Schur is a legend at this point. Beginning his career in television as a writer on NBC’s Saturday Night Live all the way back in 1998, he won his first Primetime Emmy in 2002 while on the SNL writing team. Schur then went on to become a producer and writer for The Office, another NBC show. 

Schur again won another Primetime Emmy for his work on The Office in 2006, and has even played a recurring small role on the show as the silent and weirdly-hilarious Mose, Dwight’s cousin on the beet farm. The producer also even helped Greg Daniels create Parks and Recreations before parting ways and realizing it would work better if the show was separated from The Office

With Daniel J. Goor, Mike Schur also helped create the cop comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an original Fox show that then transitioned to NBC during its sixth season. Afterwards, Mike Schur went on to create The Good Place, another great sitcom comedy that blended fun humor with philosophy. Even after all these hit sitcoms, Mike Schur is proving he’s not taking a break anytime soon. 


For the Amazon-backed IMDb TV, the upcoming Mike Schur comedy is only one of five scripted originals that are scheduled to arrive on the free streaming service. Other originals that are currently in the works alongside Primo are Blessed and Highly Favored, Greek Candy, The Fed, and The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh, PA. For a site that only launched over a year ago in January 2019, this is highly impressive. We can’t wait!

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