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Lady Gaga has been attempting to become a respected actor (with mixed results). Here’s a ranking of her six roles so far that showcase her development.

A captivating actor with a wide range, Stewart also advocates for queer authenticity. To celebrate her birthday, we celebrate Stewart’s coolest roles.

The 2018 Emmy Award nominations are here! And they’re as controversial and divisive as ever – at least in the Film Daily newsroom, anyway. Here are all the

Last month, 'SNL' released a parody sketch turning 'The Handmaid’s Tale' into an episode of 'Sex and the City' and quite frankly it was hilarious. To elaborate on

Beyond standup and sketch comedy, women have also made their mark in the film industry of late. This year, we’re seeing funny women leading a range of different

Whether it’s refusing to play by the rules of Cannes, making bold and unapologetic declarations about how she’s “totally gay” on Saturday Night Live, or building an eclectic

Based on Ian McEwan’s 2007 novella, 'On Chesil Beach' is about a young couple’s disastrous honeymoon in southern England circa 1962. In light of the film’s upcoming theatrical

Listen up, peeps – Benedict Cumberbatch has added himself to the long line of male actors and industry figures making a stand for gender pay parity in Hollywood.

Maybe you’re a huge Disney fan with a fully stacked collection of mouse ears to prove it or maybe you’re against Disney and everything it stands for. Here