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Canceling your Hulu subscription to save money but you don't wanna be bored? Watch all the movies and TV shows you want for free in these platforms!

Want to watch movies and TV shows for free? You need to download these apps

Are you trying to save some money by cancelling all your subscription streaming services, but worried you’ll end up being bored out of your mind due to the lack of entertainment access? We’re here to tell you to go cancel your Netflix account right now and don’t stress! We promise you there are plenty of other ways to get access to movies and TV shows for a cheaper price, or even free. 

Yeah, these options may come with a few disadvantages such as having to deal with advertisements every twenty or so minutes during a movie, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re not paying a single cent. Besides, you can definitely take advantage of commercial breaks by using that time for a bathroom break or running to the kitchen to grab some more snacks. 

If you’re ready to cancel your costly streaming service accounts and start saving some cash, check out our list of all the apps you can download that offer free access to a wide variety of awesome movies and TV shows. Start saving and start streaming as well! After all, the best things in life are free, right? 


Crackle is definitely one of the most popular apps/streaming services used for those who want to enjoy cool movies and TV shows for absolutely free. This service is currently available in twenty-one countries and can be connected to all kinds of devices from your television, your gaming consoles, or your personal laptop. Check out Crackle if you’re looking for all types of movies and TV shows you’re sure to love. 


Do you want to enjoy free movies and TV shows, but you’re looking for some more arthouse, indie, and critically acclaimed films? Well, don’t worry, as Kanopy has you covered. If you have a library card or attend a college, you can have access to Kanopy’s ginormous library filled with thousands of films. All you have to do is enter your library card or student info, and you’re immediately in. 

This service is available on basically every major platform like iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and tons more. If you’re a film nerd and enjoy consuming film as an art form, then Kanopy is perfect for you. This streaming service includes tons of amazing, critically acclaimed films, even foreign ones! Want to get your film nerd on for no cost at all? This streaming platform was made for you. 


This is a much newer streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for free, and so far, it’s been well-loved by tons of folks trying to save some extra cash and enjoy some good entertainment without breaking the bank. IMDb TV has tons of popular films and TV series that you can enjoy without paying a single penny. You can stream at no cost on the web or through your iOS or Android device.

Redbox Free Live TV

This one is another newer streaming service, but it is also another one that has been extremely well-loved by others so far. You may know of Redbox as the movie rental service that’s probably available at your local grocery store, but worry not, as Redbox Free Live TV is available to the public at no cost at all. However, this streaming service uses a more traditional television model to operate its platform. 

There are a variety of channels available on Redbox Free Live TV, and they basically all stream like live television (geez, remember cable TV?). On this service, users can enjoy all types of popular TV shows from America’s Funniest Home Videos all the way to Unsolved Mysteries. And yes, as we’ve promised, it’s completely free to enjoy, and you can either stream it on the Redbox site or from the app available on any platform. 

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