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This week we’re rewatching series and season finales to get your hype levels through the roof.

We’re calling on you to carry on Colony’s story for our fan-fiction contest.

Grab your fellow fans and newbies alike, meet up with whoever you know has the biggest TV, and get rewatching to save your fave shows!

Film Daily are standing with cancelled shows this year in hopes of saving what deserves a second chance.

Everyone loves presents, right? So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or heck, you just want to show your buddy or relative how much you love them, here are

2018 has proven to be a divisive year. Socially, politically, and within the barb-slinging Wild West of the internet, everything seems to be defined by bold disparate opinions,

It’s a tough old time for TV show fandoms right now, as a number of shows have faced the ruthless network axe while as the 2018-19 schedules are

Fans aren’t waiting for networks to realize the error of their ways and stride in like a shining knight to save them. In 2018 the efforts of these