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Fortunately queer representations in films and TV shows are exponentially increasing. Which scenes show the best lesbian sex for sapphics?

To celebrate us getting another season of Waverly and Nicole moments in 'Wynonna Earp', here are the most positive depictions of queer female couples on TV.

Supernatural teen shows like 'Wynonna Earp' walk a fine line: respecting without pandering, inspiring yet scaring – and packed to the rafters with hotties.

It’s only recently that we’ve been seeing a greater uptick in LGBTQ+ representation on television. Let's celebrate with the best lesbian TV relationships.

Hallmark's 'Good Witch' series finale has the first LGBTQ+ kiss in one of the network's original shows. Which cast members took part in the moment?

The WayHaught wedding was the piece de resistance of the 'Wynonna Earp' season 4 finale. Take a look at some of the other amazing moments.

What better way to finish 'Wynonna Earp' than by celebrating the love of its two main gay characters? Join the wedding party at the end of season 4!

'Wynonna Earp' has become a beloved series within its dedicated circle of fans. Here are most badass moments from season 1 to 4.

Earpers have taken to Twitter to try and save 'Wynonna Earp' past season 4. Read tweets from fans trying to save the series.