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'Wynonna Earp' has become a beloved series within its dedicated circle of fans. Here are most badass moments from season 1 to 4.

Finished season 4? Rewatch ‘Wynonna Earp”s most badass moments

Over the course of four seasons, Wynonna Earp has become a beloved series within its dedicated circle of fans. Earpers will do just about anything for their show, even fight to get it funding after it ran out of money while filming season 4. While the fandom is now trying to save the series after Syfy cancelled Wynonna Earp, there are still plenty of choice moments to smile on.

What are the best and most badass moments in Wynonna Earp? What makes Earpers smile in fondness because, dang, that was pretty cool? We’re taking a stroll down memory lane as season 4 winds down and we get ready to say goodbye to our beloved Wynonna Earp. It’s time to remember the moments that made us love it in the first place. 

WayHaught’s first kiss

One of the cornerstones of Wynonna Earp is the romance between Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) & Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell). Not only did the show expertly weave the romance between the pair, showing them falling in love and making fans swoon. When the payoff of the pair getting together happened, it made everyone scream.

When WayHaught kissed on the couch after Waverly realized her bisexuality and wanted a relationship with a woman? More specifically she wanted one with Nicole? It was great. Fans around the world lost their dang minds over the couple. We’re still losing our minds over how great WayHaught is for each other. Now they’re getting married and ugh emotions. All of the emotions.

Wynonna saves her baby

Waking up suddenly pregnant is definitely something that would be anyone’s head in a spin, but Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) did her best to make it work. What she didn’t want to do, however, was have her child have to deal with the mess that is Purgatory. She wanted to give them a better life than what she had. And, honestly, it’s a powerful moment when Wynonna sends her daughter away.

In doing so, she saves her from the Earp life. She gives her child a chance at just living without all of this hanging over her head. And, honestly, it’s a difficult move and a badass one because not everyone can do that. Wynonna Earp, however, proves that she is not most people in making the tough choices in life. Even so, it’s one of the most powerful moments in the series.

Waverly’s “f-you” to Jolene

The demon Jolene (Zoie Palmer) does her best to dim Waverly’s light after attempting to wipe the half-angel from existence. Waverly, however, is not having it at all. Instead, she delivers an impassioned line about how everyone matters, which became a rallying cry for the fandom, and offered comfort to those going through their own struggles. More badass than a gun fight, in our opinion.

Waverly squares up and says, “I’m here and I stay, and I love them back and I never, never give up on them.” She soared above the venom that Jolene wanted her to swallow because, yeah, people do matter, we matter. Sometimes, you just need to hear someone say that. 

The Widow bullet split

Listen, if we have to choose a fight scene, then we’re choosing the fight scene in the season 2 finale of Wynonna Earp. Because it’s just that good, you know? Wynonna & Doc (Tim Rozon) pretended to be enemies throughout the episode in order to let the remaining Widows believe that they had the upper hand. Now, this wouldn’t have worked if they weren’t expert gunslingers.

The pair shot at each other, splitting the one Widow-killing bullet that they had in half in order for it to slay the sisters. It was a glorious moment that showcased the technical skill that both Wynonna & Doc had. It was also deeply, deeply cool. 

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