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To celebrate us getting another season of Waverly and Nicole moments in 'Wynonna Earp', here are the most positive depictions of queer female couples on TV.

Wynonna Earp: The best portrayals of queer female couples on TV

There’s a lot to love about supernatural teen drama Wynonna Earp, from its more feminine take on the superhero genre to the sisterly love between Wynonna and Waverly, to the beautiful romance between Waverly & Nicole. The show brings a lot of positive girl-power vibes to the sci-fi world; no wonder it’s been known to have one of the nicest fanbases out there.

However, the tragic news that season four was delayed due to budget issues with IDW, Wynonna’s production company, had our hearts broken. The good news is that pre-production is officially underway for a new season, so it’s still going to be a while before we get to see such a positive lesbian relationship return to our screens.

So many shows have the issue of making a character gay for its own sake as a plot element or adding a queer couple just to portray a hot lesbian sex scene just for males to enjoy. But with Wynonna Earp, we get to see a truly positive, healthy LGBTQ+ relationship. To celebrate us getting another season of adorable Waverly and Nicole moments, here are some of the most positive depictions of queer femme love on TV.

Santana & Brittany (Glee)

There’s a lot to discuss about how poorly Glee handled LGBTQ+ characters. One standout however was Santana & Brittany’s relationship. It may have formed from that terrible throwaway line “Sex isn’t dating; if it were, Santana and I would be dating”, but by the show’s end, it turned into a truly endearing and beautiful relationship.

Petra & JR (Jane the Virgin)

As short-lived as this romance was, it was the first time in Jane the Virgin we got to see Petra in love and comfortable with her lover. Don’t give us any of your arguments about her still being in love with Rafael. JR is a much better choice for her; JR takes care of Petra and treats her right, even if she did move to Texas early in S5.

Delphine & Cosima (Orphan Black) 

On a show in which one actress is playing 13 different characters, it’s very useful to have something to count on. Cosima & Delphine bring out the best in each other, even when it doesn’t feel like it. You do have to get used to at least one of them at risk of dying or being killed. Heck, there’s a point at which you think Delphine is gone forever – but thankfully she comes back and our happy couple is reunited.

Clarke & Lexa (The 100)

Clarke & Lexa’s demise is definitely not a positive depiction, but let’s just pretend that never happened. This relationship is such a complex and beautiful part of a grey dystopia. In a world where sexuality is the last thing anyone cares about, it’s amazing to watch these two open up and care for each other so generously.

Stef & Lena (The Fosters)

Not that we didn’t enjoy the teenage drama of the Fosters, but when we got time to see Stef & Lena together, they were some of the purest relationship moments we’d ever seen. 

If you need any more of an explanation, just watch the scene in which Lena takes Stef skinnydipping in the neighbor’s pool after she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. There’s enough love in that scene alone to convince you of how pure their relationship is.

Nomi & Amanita (Sense8)

Though Sense8 is still not coming back to our screens in the foreseeable future, we can dream about what Nomi & Amanita’s relationship could’ve been. The pair is one of the few female couples in TV to be sent off into the sunset with a big gay wedding, so at least one good thing came from the series finale. 

In fact, Nomi & Amanita’s best moments are probably all from the series finale, so just watch that again to get your fill of happiness from these two.

Yorkie & Kelly (Black Mirror “San Junipero”)

The concept of the simulation where San Junipero exists is such an interesting concept to begin with. So to see these two women have a hookup and get together is a fun concept – but then we see what San Junipero actually is and who Yorkie & Kelly really are. That’s when the story takes a turn and becomes even more beautiful, as these two can live on forever together after helping each other transfer into the afterlife.

Bette & Tina (The L Word)

How can you make a list about TV girls who love girls and not include the queens? Over the six seasons of this show, you get to see these two deal with normal couple issues. They break up and get back together, have a child together, and move in and out of each others’ places, just like any other couple.

Ellen & Laurie (Ellen)

Of course you can’t have a list about gay women without the queen of them all, Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen & Laurie’s relationship may have been short-lived thanks to all the poor press around “The Puppy Episode”, but that doesn’t make their relationship any less important. Ellen closely bonded not just with Laurie but her daughter Holly too, showing stepmothers can still be a thing in lesbian relationships.

Elena & Syd (One Day at a Time)

We’re so glad One Day at a Time got saved by PopTV, because that means we get to see more of these two navigate through their absolutely adorable romance. As well as adressing gender issues and queer love, One Day at a Time is just about the most heartwarming show on TV. 

It’s wonderful to see strong teenage characters coming into their own, supported by their families. Syd is nonbinary and Elena is gay. After seeing what Elena went through to come out and tell the truth to her family, we see her find someone who cares about her deeply. The teenagers may be silly at times, but that’s what makes their relationship so natural.

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