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Supernatural teen shows walk a fine line: respecting without pandering, inspiring yet scaring – and packed to the rafters with hotties.

Across five seasons, 'The 100' offers its own harrowing conjecture on what true survival looks like for women and it arguably does it better than many other shows

Sunday night saw 'Shadowhunters' win big at the Teen Choice Awards, with the show being awarded the accolade of Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show (and beating shows like 'Stranger

We want to see women taking charge of their sexual desires. We want scenes of consensually aggressive sex – hair-pulling and lip-biting. We want to see women knuckle

Here are nine young adult shows currently on the air featuring female characters way bolder and better than 'The Bold Type'.

There is no doubt that Netflix creates exceptional original content, and its 2015 acquisition of '3%' is no exception. The streaming giant first aired this brilliant dystopian series

S5 has only just started but The CW has already renewed 'The 100' for a sixth season. In celebration of the show successfully moving forward we thought it

With high ratings across the board, Netflix's 'The Rain' follows two young siblings as they embark on a perilous search for safety after a devastating biological catastrophe wipes

Emily Blunt stars alongside her real-life husband John Krasinski in 'A Quiet Place'. You can’t beat a great hook, and boy does this have one, following a family