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'The 100' season 7 started last week on May 20 on The CW. Confused about what's going on? Here's our season 6 recap.

A recap of ‘The 100’: Everything you need to remember before season 7

The 100 season 7 started last week on May 20 on The CW. This is the finale season for the series, which means that even old fans are returning to send-off the series (or celebrate depending on how you felt about Clexa getting screwed over). With people returning to The 100 after all this time, it’s probably a good idea to refresh everyone on what happened in season 6. 

So before you go and dive into The 100 season 7, here’s everything that you need to know that previously happened on the series.

Planet Alpha

Everyone woke up on a planet about 125 years in the future. Planet Alpha, as it was called, didn’t have a lot of information on it, but it was the best chance that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and friends had at survival. Planet Alpha also has its own secrets, including a solar eclipse that sent people fleeing for their lives. 

It turns out that Planet Alpha can transmit rage and madness, leading to killing sprees (or attempted ones). Bellamy (Bob Morley) was infected with it early on in the season and Clarke had to subdue him. 

The Children of Gabriel and the Primes

The Children of Gabriel (C.O.G.) are an Anti-Prime organization that was founded by Gabriel Santiago (Chuku Modu). They attempt to kidnap Delilah (Ashleigh LaThrop) for her “royal blood”, or natblida blood. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) would be kidnapped and tortured for information by the Children of Gabriel.

Octavia would be rescued, but a fellow captive Rose (Amélie Eve) died in the crossfire. When Delilah underwent her Naming Day, emerging as Priya, she seemed to have lost all sense of herself. It was during this time that Clarke learned the truth about the Primes, who are searching for people with natblida blood, so they can possess them.

Yes, we are also getting Get Out and Gou’lad vibes from this. 

Before Clarke can worn the others, she’s kidnapped by Russell (JR Bourne) and Simone (Tattiawna Jones). Clarke is possessed by Russell and Simone’s daughter, Josephine. She infiltrates the camp to find which of Clarke’s loved ones possesses different blood. Bellamy quickly sees through Josephine’s ruse, who locks him in a closet and paralyzed. 

The Primes learn of Clarke’s synthetic natblida blood, which poses a great answer to their whole “finding enough bodies to possess” quandary. Josephine recruits Murphy to their side with a promise of immortality.

Eventually, the truth comes out about Josephine, Russell, and the Primes. Except, despite Clarke supposedly being gone, an image of her on the Ark appears. 

Clarke’s not really gone

Clarke and Josephine battle it out in a shared mindscape. Clarke is able to get a message to Bellamy, who is working to free her from Josephine’s control. Clarke has to be careful though because if she dies in her mind, then she dies for real.

Russell learns of this, wanting Josephine to transfer hosts, but she refuses. Even though there are people who would willingly become hosts using a natblida serum that Bellamy developed. Things get more tense between the Primes and those of Earth, who escape the compound. It leads to the Primes hunting down those of Earth. 

The group escapes to Gabriel, telling him about their serum. Clarke eventually takes control of her body and escapes, but the stress of two minds in one body is difficult for her to handle. 

The truth of the Primes comes out with Simone dying at the hands of one of her own. Bellamy attempts to stop the violence by leveraging Jo for his people, but it’s Murphy with the save by the creation of willing hosts. 

Clarke, with control of her body, goes with the Primes pretending to be Jo. Bellamy decides to use the Red Sun as a weapon Russell uses Abby (Paige Turco), recently deceased, as the new host for Simone. 

The Primes make an escape for Planet Beta, a 20-year journey. Clarke, however, reveals herself as Clarkes, destroys all the Primes but Russell by sending them out into the unforgiving vacuum of space. Russell teams up with a Dark Commander while the group reunites.

The season ends with Octavia being stabbed by Hope (Shelby Flannery), Diyoza’s (Ivana Miličević), who stabs Octavia because “he” has her.

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