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Earpers have taken to Twitter to try and save 'Wynonna Earp' past season 4. Read tweets from fans trying to save the series.

#BringWynonnaHome: Can fans give ‘Wynonna Earp’ more than season 4?

Wynonna Earp is, honestly, one of the best shows on television. Unfortunately, due to a run of bad luck and a cult following rather than a huge gangbusters one, Syfy is cancelling the beloved supernatural drama series after four seasons on the network. Due to this, however, Earpers are campaigning hard for a network, any network, or streaming service, any service to pick up the series.

It does make sense. There’s precedent for a beloved series getting a revival elsewhere. We mean, Lucifer did it. From Syfy’s cancellation pile, The Expanse was picked up by Amazon. Why not Wynonna Earp? The series is already streaming on Netflix. We’re betting that it does good enough. Earpers, however, aren’t letting this go without a fight because nothing gets the blood racing like saving a television show.

That’s why we’re sharing the best tweets from #BringWynonnaHome that, maybe, just maybe, will persuade someone to pick up the beloved series for another season.

New show up for adoption! 

Yes! Why haven’t you saved the series, networks or streamers? 

A dedicated force

Wynonna Earp has cast, crew, and fans fighting for the series to be saved. That’s pretty impressive.

All the awards please

Look at them! Potentially winning awards. They deserve it. Just like they deserve a new home.

Never quit

Earpers helped save the series when they ran out of money. So they’re doing it again!

Raise your hand for renewal! 

Look at all those hands!

Never surrender! 

Seriously. It’s cute that you think this will end at the last episode of season 4. 

Time to give the thanks elsewhere

What we’re saying to a new network? Thanks! 

Load you up the Peacemaker. 

The fight is familiar for Wynonna Earp fans. Too familiar . . .

Mama vibes

We wanna see this! We wanna see more of this!


Love to the Earper, fam. Forever.

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  • I love the show. Everything about it. It’s hard to find anything on anymore.

    March 31, 2021
  • Earp and ☮ 🔫 for life

    April 1, 2021

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