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Hallmark's 'Good Witch' series finale has the first LGBTQ+ kiss in one of the network's original shows. Which cast members took part in the moment?

‘Good Witch’: Which cast members shared Hallmark’s first LGBTQ+ kiss?

The Hallmark channel over the past couple of years has had its share of controversy. It comes down to a lack of diversity both in terms of race, non-Christian religions, or LGBTQ+ cast members. Seriously, just take your pick and there has probably been a controversy or someone online complaining about it. It especially blew up after Hallmark pulled an ad featuring a lesbian couple back in 2019. 

Since then, the network has taken steps. Not huge leaps, but still, there have been steps. There was a holiday movie centered around Hanukkah and leading roles given to POC actors. In 2020, there was a Hallmark holiday movie that had a gay couple of major supporting characters. With the series finale of The Good Witch, we have a first on-screen LGBTQ+ kiss in a Hallmark Original Series.

The kiss was shared by Joy (Wynonna Earp’s Kat Barrell) & Zoey (Shadowhunters’ Kyana Teresa). It’s another positive step forward for the company. Hopefully, the outward trend of growth will continue. But let’s take a look at Twitter to see how the Internet reacted to the historic kiss for the network.



Isn’t looking in love with each other a good thing?


So sweet

Awww they’re both so happy!





We salute you

The lesbians support Kat Barrell, making everything gay one kiss at a time.


And the crowd goes wild

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


*heart eyes*

May they have a million great days.


Someone probably did this already, tbh

Frame it!



Look at how things change.



It makes our hearts full.


Now there’s an idea

Spinoff! Spinoff! Spinoff!

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