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Do you want to meet your favorite 'Shadowhunters' cast members? Here’s what Katherine McNamara had to say about Heroes of the Shadow World.

Why ‘Shadowhunters’ cast member Katherine McNamara wants to meet you

Are you still devastated over the loss of the beloved fantasy series Shadowhunters? Do you still bingewatch the entire show? Well, we have some good news for you. If you’re a member of the Shadowfam, you have the chance to meet your favorite Shadowhunters cast members in New York City! 

Heroes of the Shadow World is a convention created in hopes to gather the Shadowfam to celebrate Shadowhunters with the cast and crew including Clary Fray herself played by Katherine McNamara. 

The Heroes of the Shadow World convention will be held Friday, August 19 – Sunday, August 21, 2022. Make sure you grab your passes before the date arrives! Here’s what Shadowhunters cast member Katherine McNamara had to say about the upcoming event.

What was your favorite Shadowhunters episode to film? 

This is always such a difficult question to answer. Each episode of Shadowhunters brought with it a new journey, a new lesson, and new members of the family. I could speak about every single episode and find reasons for it to be my favorite, but if I had to choose one that sums up the whole experience, it would be the finale episodes. 

That piece was our love letter to the Shadowfam, our send-off for the show, and our celebration of the world we worked to hard to build and grow together. I was so grateful we got the chance to go back and tie up the story as best we could as well as live in the Shadow World one more time. 

Every member of the cast and crew threw themselves wholeheartedly into the finale and created not only a chapter of the story, but memories I will cherish.  

Would you ever want to return as Clary Fray? 

Absolutely! Whether it be a 10 year reunion, a spin-off, a re-boot, or any iteration of the story, I would love nothing more than to return to this world. I miss Clary, the Shadow World, and the family very much.  

The Shadowfam are still going strong, do you have hope for the future of Shadowhunters? 

I am so unbelievably in awe of the Shadowfam. The community you have created goes far beyond the show and our characters and has grown into a beautiful space of love and acceptance for everyone who crosses our path. My hope for the future of Shadowhunters is that the fandom will continue to grow and exist in the way it always has – as a family.  

Did you read The Mortal Instruments while prepping for the role of Clary? 

I did! I’m a huge lover of the genre and TMI had been on my list forever. As soon as I got the audition for  Clary, I started reading and was instantly hooked. I fell in love with the world Cassie created and the humanity of the characters and relationships in such a fantastical scenario. It was such a great tool as we built the show and got deeper into the story to find opportunities for Easter eggs and book nuggets to tie into our interpretation.  

You were also cast as the iconic Mia Smoak in the DC Universe. Will you ever return to the role? 

I would love to! Mia has been bouncing around the DC Universe looking for William so I sure hope to have the opportunity to play out that storyline. I can’t leave William held hostage somewhere in the multiverse! Truly, it was such an honor to take on the mantle of the Green Arrow and pursue that legacy.  That responsibility means the world to me and I would love nothing more than to pick up the bow again.  

Would you ever want to return to broadway? 

Indeed! A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC was such an incredible year and truly life-changing. I started in theater, so treading the boards is home to me. Musical theater is where I first found my love for creating characters and telling stories. There is such a discipline and a stamina that theater requires I would very much like to re-visit. 

I miss the thrill of live performance, the energy of the audience, and NYC itself.  

Heroes of the Shadow World is around the corner, what are you most excited about? 

I have been anticipating this convention in particular for nearly two years now. I am so thrilled that we finally get to gather in the city where the story took place and celebrate the world we all love. I am even more excited that the creative teams behind the scenes are attending as well. We always get questions regarding the making of the show or how we made certain magic happen. 

As much as we can describe our experience in seeing it happen, the designers who created it are a much better authority on the subject. I  am simply elated that we get to celebrate the folks who made the true magic of Shadowhunters come to life. 

What’s your favorite part about meeting members of the Shadowfam? 

The Shadowfam is truly special to me. All of you have such incredible stories, journeys, and friendships –  it has been my privilege to watch each of you grow in this community. I am so grateful to each of you for sharing your stories with us. I have had countless conversations with the rest of the cast about how 

incredibly proud we are of the community you have created as well as the growth each of you has experienced in the time we have known you. We are astounded and humbled by your kindness,  generosity, support, and enthusiasm toward us and each other. Thank you, Shadowfam. This show, this experience, this family would not be as special without each and every one of your beautiful angel hearts.  

Clary empowered many people, what’s one lesson the Shadowfam should take away from Shadowhunters

First of all, thank you. Clary was a gift of a character to play and experience her journey. She taught me so much over the years. Overall, what I hope the Shadowfam would take from the story we told is twofold. Firstly, that love is stronger than any other force in this (or any world). Love is what brings us together, fuels our fire, and does so by building and strengthening rather than tearing down. 

Secondly, it is your choices that determine whether you are good or evil. Despite who you are, what you are, or what people say your destiny is, you still have the propensity to be a hero. 

What are you working on next? 

I’m absolutely thrilled to share that next I’m off to the world of the Wild West in WalkerIndependence for The CW premiering October 6th. From Shadowhunters Legacy, to the Legacy of the Green Arrow, I’m moving into the Walker Legacy playing the first Walker in Texas in the Walker: Texas Ranger universe. 

This is another story full of rich characters and a world with rules all its own – but instead of magic and monsters, we have dirt, blood, and revenge.

Shadowfam, are you interested in checking out the Heroes of the Shadow World next week? Check out this link to grab your passes for the event now!

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