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There’s a brouhaha going on surrounding the production of S4 of 'Wynonna Earp', which means no more happy endings in the town of Purgatory right now.

‘Wynonna Earp’ sent to purgatory? Here’s how you can help our heroine

Wynonna Earp is the supernatural Western show from Syfy (available also on Netflix) that’s always ripe for a bingewatch. It rivals our girl Supergirl in the fun stakes but also foregrounds an impossibly ruthless heroine (played by Melanie Scrofano) with whom we dare you not to fall in love.

We were as shocked as y’all when our gun-toting girl crush, #WynonnaEarp, began trending on Twitter – and not for a good reason. There’s a brouhaha going on surrounding the production of S4, which means no more happy endings in the demon-laden town of Purgatory for now.

Everything started when producer/showrunner Emily Andras posted a (now-deleted) tweet suggesting fans be prepared to “fight” for the show’s upcoming fourth season. (Andras left up another tweet: “Do not fuck with my loved ones.”)

While the future of Wynonna Earp isn’t totally dire yet, according to numerous sources the worries of the Earpers aren’t unfounded. Sources say the production start date for season four has been pushed back, and it’s still unclear when the cameras will roll again.

Best described as a supernatural western, Wynonna Earp is based on the Beau Smith comic series. Since its 2016 debut, the series has built a rabid fan base known as Earpers. Similar to our other favorite cancelled shows Shadowhunters, Timeless and Dark Matter, Earpers form a dedicated, vocal online community.

According to past year’s production schedules, Wynonna Earp should have started shooting in mid-February. That date has come and gone, and fans’ curiosity is reaching a fever pitch. When Melanie Scrofano, who plays Wynonna, was questioned on Twitter, she replied: “I don’t know anything, unfortunately. All I know is we aren’t shooting and I don’t know why.”

Cash flow issues at IDW, the show’s production company, appear to be the reason for the delay. According to a December public record, the biz has some big loans to pay back, while it has dealt with major shifts in leadership. Currently, IDW is slated to produce Locke and Key for Netflix, V-Wars, and Wynonna Earp – all of which need decent budgets for their fantasy-based storylines.

S4 of Wynonna Earp was announced at last year’s SDCC, so IDW had plenty of time to prepare for the production. But according to the December filing, the self-financed operational costs associated with producing the show are a big drain on resources.

We’re urging Earpers not to panic yet. As we learned from that same December filing, Syfy retains big love for Wynonna Earp on paper considering their order for two 12-episode seasons from IDW Entertainment. Syfy representatives confirm season four of the show has been ordered and will be airing.

An IDW representative went on record to state that “IDW is committed to continuing to tell the Wynonna Earp story . . . . We are passionate about not only the series, but the comics, the characters and the overall message that the Wynonna Earp franchise carries. We are in the process of working out the details for how the Wynonna story will continue.”

Regardless of these reassurances, the fandom is already willing and able to fight for their show: the hashtag #FightForWynonna is already trending. These dedicated fans, who have been called “the world’s nicest fandom”, will stop at nothing to see their gunslinging heroine back on air for another season.

Start raiding your piggy banks now, IDW.

Help #WynonnaEarp expedite her new season by:

  • Rewatching the show on whatever streaming platforms you have access to
  • Using the hashtag #FightForWynonna on Twitter and Instagram
  • Telling the world how much you love the show by using the social media hashtag #WynonnaEarp

We know you can do it, Earpers!

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