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‘Deadly Class’ starring Benjamin Wadsworth (Syfy)

'Deadly Class' is about a student being bullied by the children of Joseph Stalin's top assassin in a school whose teachers are assassins.

‘Deadly Class’ starring Benjamin Wadsworth (Syfy)

Set in 1987, Deadly Class follows Marcus Lopez. He hates high school. His grades suck. The jocks are hassling his friends. He can’t focus in class. But the jocks are the children of Joseph Stalin’s top assassin, the teachers are members of an ancient league of assassins, the class he’s failing is “Dismemberment 101,” and his crush has a double-digit body count.

Welcome to the most brutal high school on earth, where the world’s top crime families send the next generation of assassins to be trained. Murder is an art. Killing is a craft. At Kings Dominion School for the Deadly Arts, the dagger in your back isn’t always metaphorical.

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