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There are a lot of phenomenal shows premiering and returning this season that you need to add to your calendar immediately so that you can stay ahead of the bingewatching masses.

Season of the witch: All the fall TV shows we’re most hyped to see

As the nights start to draw in and this merciless heat begins to finally wane, the TV schedules are also starting to pick back up again – as if anticipating your deep need to enjoy the cosiness of fall from the comfort of your couch.

There are a lot of phenomenal shows premiering and returning this season that you need to add to your calendar immediately so that you can stay ahead of the bingewatching masses.

Here are all of the most exciting fall TV premieres you’re not going to want to miss out on.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Amazon Prime Video (premiere date TBA)

The first season of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s 50s-set comedy remains one of the best things we’ve seen in years.

So we can’t wait to jump back into the raucous world of New York City stand-up with Rachel Brosnahan, Alex Borstein, and the unusually alluring Michael Zegen. We’re expecting just as many tears (of the laughter and emotional variety) for S2.

September 4

The Purge: USA / SyFy

It’s all the horror of the topical Blumhouse movie franchise but on the small screen – but just as much blood and carnage promised to fans of the films.  

The primary story is set between The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy and follows a group of unrelated strangers whose stories slowly converge across one eventful Purge night/ (Does an uneventful Purge night even exist? Probably not.)

September 9

The Bad Seed: Lifetime

Rob Lowe directs and stars in this modern day TV movie remake of the classic 1956 psychological horror about two parents failing to recognize the supreme dark side of their seemingly sweet and innocent young daughter.

The original movie is a campy, melodramatic treat and since this gem is on Lifetime, we’re hoping that it’ll be just as deliciously trashy, dark, and fun.

The Deuce: (S2) HBO

James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal return for the second season of George Pelecanos and David Simon’s exploration of the golden era of porn in New York City.

The story picks up five years after the events of S1 and judging from the trailer it looks like everyone is living their goddamn dreams. But with the mafia sniffing around and corrupt cops on the case, we’re sure there’s going to be a high cost for these dreams.

Kidding: Showtime

That Michel Gondry and Jim Carrey reunion you’ve secretly been pining for ever since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has finally happened and it looks to be just as emotionally devastating and surreal as you could wish for.

The show follows a popular children’s TV star (Carrey) as he struggles to maintain his sanity during a volatile personal crisis. The trailers that have been released so far already have us sold that this is going to be amazing (and utterly devastating).

You: Lifetime

We’re so ready for Penn Badgley to return to our screens as yet another creepo using his internet savvy for a nefarious agenda (a la Gossip Girl).

You sees the actor playing a brilliant 20-something who takes extreme and definitely illegal measures to woo the woman of his dreams. Judging from the trailer that may also involve some shocking scenes of violence, stalking, and murder most foul. We can’t wait!

September 12

American Horror Story: Apocalypse: FX

All your faves are back – including Jessica Lange and Stevie Nicks – for this highly anticipated crossover season providing a mashup of S1’s Murder House and S3’s Coven.

With Murder House’s AntiChrist all grown up and featuring heavily as a character this season alongside Coven’s ferocious team of witches, we’re bracing ourselves for the most epic showdown ever.

September 14

American Vandal: (S2) Netflix

If you loved all the dumb continuous dick jokes of S1, you’ll love the non-stop shit jokes S2 has in store for this parody of Netflix crime documentaries that fixates on a mysterious foe known only as the “Turd Burgler”.

BoJack Horseman: (S5) Netflix

We’re so ready for this show to come back, get all too real about life, and make a smoothie out of our damn hearts.

Though there’s currently no trailer and a scarcity of plot details known for the new season, we’re going to go out on a limb and suggest BoJack (Will Arnett) will be just as messy and fucked as ever but trying his damndest to make things right and become the Horseman he always knew he could be.

September 21

Maniac: Netflix

Cary Fukunaga’s highly anticipated thriller is dripping with prestige, including a main cast that features Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Sally Field, and Justin Theroux.

The show looks weird and trippy as hell and follows a drug trial that may not be everything it appears to be. Best make a note of the premiere date now because everyone is going to be bingewatching the hell out of this the second it drops.

September 27

The Good Place: (S3) NBC

Fork yeah! TV’s most philosophical and innovative sitcom is back and we’re finally going to be able to see how Eleanor (Kristen Bell) is coping back on Earth, whether Chidi (William Jackson Harper) is happy to help her, and whether Michael’s (Ted Danson) plan to be good is actually working out. Let’s do this!

October 4

I Feel Bad: NBC

We’re greatly intrigued by this new comedy from executive producer Amy Poehler and creator Aseem Batra about a woman (Sarayu Rao) struggling to meet expectations of being the perfect boss, wife, mom, friend, and daughter.

October 6

Flight of the Conchords: Live at the London Apollo: (Special) HBO

Be still, our beating hearts! New Zealand’s fourth most popular comedy-folk duo are back for a one-off special featuring a live show from their recent UK tour. We’re eternally obsessed with Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie so we’re beyond hyped for this.

October 10

Riverdale: (S3) The CW

Is Archie (KJ Apa) going to prison? Is Veronica (Camila Mendes) going to break him out Cry Baby style? Will Betty (Lili Reinhart) single handedly save her sister, mom, and baby nieces from an insidious cult? And will Jughead (Cole Sprouse) be alright after getting his ass beaten at the end of S2?

We’ll finally have an opportunity to find out all this and more when the exceptional teen drama finally comes back to us this October.

All American: The CW

The CW is obviously trying to tempt in the Riverdale crowd with its new teen show which premieres on the same night, and who are we kidding – their plan will definitely work on us.

Greg Berlanti’s latest is a football drama that fans of Friday Night Lights will love and follows a star high school player (Daniel Ezra) from South Central as he’s recruited to play for Beverly Hills High and struggles to assimilate to the privileged asshattery of the area.

October 11

Supernatural: (S14) The CW

Fourteen seasons in and the cult genre show is still going strong with Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki), and Castiel (Misha Collins) set to investigate all new mysteries.

But be warned: This is the final ever season so prepare yourself for some serious tears.

October 14

Charmed: The CW

We haven’t exactly been thrilled at the idea of this reboot of the 90s witch show that we used to bingewatch our hangovers away with during college. But we’ve also heard from several industry insiders that the show is far better than anyone may be expecting.

So we’re willing to give it a chance, particularly as 2018 is officially a big year for witchcraft on TV and we’re all too happy to ride that magical wave however we can.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Netflix

Speaking of fall 2018 officially being the season of the witch, the latest offering from  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s growing empire of dark Archie Comic reboot shows is also premiering on Netflix this season.

Starring Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman, the show is based on Aguirre-Sacasa’s extremely dark comics of the same name, so prepare yourself for the most brutal and brooding reimagining of the Sabrina canon yet.

October 16

The Rookie: ABC

We’d probably bingewatch an entire season of Nathan Fillion going door-to-door selling Post-it notes we love him so much, so we’re obviously excited to see his latest show – particularly as it involves him throwing on a well-fitting uniform (don’t judge us).

The show sees Fillion playing the dude grappling with a mid-life crisis by starting a new career as a cop after a traumatic experience gives him the kahunas to push himself more in life and become a hero. Did we mention the uniform already? Yeah, we’re sold.

November 2

House of Cards: (S6) Netflix

Real talk? We lost interest in House of Cards sometime around S3 or S4. But now that this is the final season, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is out of the President’s chair, and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is in, we’re finally intrigued to see how this story ends.

November 19, 20, and 21

The Little Drummer Girl: AMC

The six-part miniseries based on John le Carré’s best-selling spy novel will air over three consecutive nights and stars Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon, and Florence Pugh. So yeah – it’s a big deal.

The 70s-set thriller involves a fiery actress who becomes embroiled in a complex plot after meeting a mysterious stranger while on holiday in Greece. It’s gripping as hell and we’re just thankful to get to enjoy it as a three-day event.

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