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Adult Swim's 'Rick and Morty' has had plenty of great twenty-minute eps across its three seasons. Here are ten of our absolute faves.

Two teens were shot and one was killed during a showing of 'The Forever Purge'. What motivated the suspect to commit this dark crime? Find out here.

We all remember the terrifying killer clown craze in 2016, but did you see any creepy clowns in 2020? This Halloween, keep an eye out for a clown

'The Purge' became a colossal blockbuster hit, but is it real? We all know it as fiction but sometimes, there’s truth in lies. See what we think!

Lock your doors and hide your children as you enter a world where all crime is legal once each year for 24-hours. Revisit all 'The Purge' movies.

Is 'The Binge' worth your time? Check out our review about this teen movie parody of 'The Purge'.

Watching so many seemingly unrelated characters’ stories come together during the TV show 'The Purge' was fascinating. Here's why it was cancelled.

We're not living in a full-scale dystopia (yet), but things look bleak. Here's all the dystopian movies that look better than 2020 right now.

'The Purge' films might exploit sociopolitical issues – but like it or not, 'The Purge' movies are shaping up to be the defining franchise of the decade.