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'The Purge' became a colossal blockbuster hit, but is it real? We all know it as fiction but sometimes, there’s truth in lies. See what we think!

Is ‘The Purge’ real? Prepare yourself for how it can actually happen

We humans are interesting creatures. Many of us won’t do too well with complete freedom from the law. Society needs a guideline. We need to be told what’s right & wrong by other human beings every bit as fallible as us. Law & order is what protects us — we all know that. But from what exactly? To think law & order not only protects us but protects us from ourselves is fascinating. 

This thought can throw everything we think about the human condition into a new light. What are we capable of doing as individuals? What is humanity capable of?

That said, it’s purge season again, folks! But is The Purge real? The loved horror franchise takes place in a world where most crime, including murder is completely legal for tweleve hours. The Purge became a colossal blockbuster hit, and this crime-free-for-all illustration paved the way for four movies and two seasons on a cable network. We all know it as fiction but sometimes, there’s truth in lies. 

Why was The Purge created?

Why make a story that’s all about the worst night of every American’s life? And how likely is this dystopian nightmare to come to fruition? According to Cracked, during the release of the first Purge movie, the movie’s marketing campaign also released a site with a series of articles explaining the holiday from purge advocates. 

Chances are, you won’t be able to find the article now. But we know that the night of pure violence was created by The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) as a “public outcry for protection and vengeance against the increasing number of homeless”. Simply put, the purge is merely a night when people get to play a dangerous game as a way of approaching America’s homeless problem. 

When the game became more popular, the lower and middle class people became most of the victims. We see this in The Purge:Anarchy. It featured people with jobs and homes being rounded up for the night to make sure the rich have a “successful” purge. 

It’s been said that a mere night of crime like this “. . . would theoretically increase the economy and decrease nationwide violence.” But for now, let’s just think about the original twelve-hour long government sanctioned genocide against homelessness. 

How does the purge work?

No two purges seem to be the same. Their rules & speed vary. But it seems like only the little details are subject to change, and the main idea usually stays the same. Everybody has twelve hours to do anything they want, including arson, theft, rape, even murder their neighbors & bosses. (Hopefully, this isn’t the American dream!)

To organize the purge, the U.S. government keeps a thorough nationwide surveillance system. They must scrutinize everyone so that if anyone is caught committing crimes a second outside of purge time, they’re to be caught and put on trial. 


Let’s say the purge really happens. It could achieve the goal of reducing the homelessness population, but it just won’t do so in an ideal way because the fictional holiday literally revolves around killing off the impoverished people. (Disclaimer: we do not condone this) But can this holiday really boost the economy?

There’s reason to believe there’s some truth to it, at least after the first couple of purges. America will probably spend the same amount of money on social services after the purge was passed. Instead of focusing on programs to help the homeless, that government money would mostly benefit people on the brink of homelessness and other intense poverty. 

Reduce violence

What about the violence of it all? How could anyone really prepare for that? It seems to be based on an assumption that we all have suppressed anger in our souls. But even if that were true, is giving everybody a twelve-hour window to unleash that anger without consequence the answer?

According to sociologist Lester Andrist, “. . . the idea that people would be able to hold onto their pent up anger and unleash it all on one night goes against good sociological theory.” 

Andrist epitomized it with a murder on Sixth Street. “. . . later that day that same street may see a robbery.” He went on to say, “. . . the purge wouldn’t be a cleansing opportunity for repressed anger.” Instead, it’ll just be a time when people are able to behave more violently without societal pressure. 

Could the purge really happen?

It looks like we can all sleep well tonight and many nights to come because it seems like America doesn’t favor the legal genocide of the homeless. America is far from perfect, but it doesn’t look like we’ll go down this route.

If you do have some doubts, however, consider that America would need a perfect surveillance system maintained by the government. Anyone who’s been to the DMV would know that’s not happening any time soon. 

But hopefully, the fact that it just doesn’t make sense is enough to make it stay a thing of fiction. 

Is The Purge real? Will it ever be? We don’t think so but tell us what you think!

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  • There are a lot of politicians who would have to hide under ground in a very secure location to ride out that storm

    July 15, 2021

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