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We’re not proud of ourselves. Here are eight trashy TV shows we’re currently living for – and feeling kinda full of shame about.

Numerous TV shows have made the decision to cut the lead following controversy. How might these shows look without their problematic lead stars?

The final series of the Netflix political-drama 'House of Cards' sees Claire Underwood assume the role of president after her husband’s resignation.

Many of Netflix's projects cost millions. Some are cash cows, while others prove it’s not just people who have more money than sense.

Some TV shows & movies have been lauded for their treatment of sexual assault. We look at some of those examples today.

Netflix's 'First Ladies' will likely be an absolute dumpster fire. Meanwhile, here’s a ranking of seven of our favorite small-screen U.S. presidents.

There’s been an onslaught of controversial rape scenes lately. The TV landscape may finally have to change in order to keep up with the times.

The data MoviePass collects isn’t restricted to just what movies you’re watching. They're tracking your movements beyond the movie theater, too.

In recent years, a simple solution for showing text messages on screen has emerged. Shows like 'House of Cards' & 'Sherlock' have adopted a new format that looks