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Great Scott! Sony chooses to replace(y) Spacey In the wake of mounting allegations being levied against Kevin Spacey, Sony and director Ridley Scott are planning to replace the House

Harvey Weinstein gets a life sentence, of a kind The Television Academy have taken the decision to expel disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein after more than 70 women have come

Spacey suspended from House of Cards Frank Underwood is no more. Netflix has announced that Kevin Spacey has been suspended from House of Cards in the wake of mounting

Paz de la Huerta accuses Weinstein of rape Paz de la Huerta is the latest actress to allege fresh claims of sexual assault against disgraced Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein.

Hefner biopic cancelled, director to exit Warner Bros. Brett Ratner’s Hugh Hefner biopic has been put on hold following a string of sexual harassment allegations. In the wake of

New cast members join Black Klansman Spike Lee and Jordan Peele’s team-up KKK thriller Black Klansman has added some fresh faces to its growing cast. Adam Driver (Logan Lucky)

Sony Pictures has Spidey to thank for big boost in cash flow Sony Pictures has announced it netted a hefty profit of $68.1 million during the second quarter of

House of Cards to finally fall in final sixth season Netflix’s premier original series House of Cards is to finally end in its sixth season. The Kevin Spacey-led show

The Emmys have once again come and gone. But this year’s event wasn’t without its fair share of surprises – and even a few record-setters. The Handmaid’s Tale scooped