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'Sanditon' fans, we hope your fire for getting a season 2 has been stoked after seeing Amazon Prime UK’s tweet. Here's more about our fave ship.

'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' is sexy, fun, and Australian. You absolutely must binge this show as soon as possible.

There’s so much to watch, but so little time! Here are some series you may want to add to your summer 2020 binge list.

For those of you who have kids that are going insane by staying indoors, here are some of the best series including 'Daniel Tiger' on Amazon Prime Video.

With ambitious plans and rapid worldwide growth, what will it take for Netflix and its TV shows to result in world domination for the streamer?

'Falling for a Killer' is the first time Ted Bundy’s girlfriend breaks her silence about her relationship with the serial killer. Here's what we know.

Considering the popularity of online betting, it comes as no surprise that bookmakers have turned to films and TV. Here's what we know

Cable is still the most popular option in the Cable TV vs Streaming debate. Here’s how the streaming wars currently stand, and who could win.

Since the early 00s we’ve enjoyed a spate of magical realism in a number of TV shows. Here are ten of the best shows which have delivered the