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What are the best TV shows on Amazon prime video?

Our televisions – or rather, our devices – have been saving us from the mundanities of everyday life and bringing a little joy during the darkest of hours. With that said, my culturally curious comrades, have you witnessed the cornucopia of Amazon Prime Video TV shows at our disposal? With more twists than the vengeful plot of a *telenovela* queen and more drama than a *Downton Abbey* Christmas special, these glorious gems ensure your downtime will be anything but dull. Let’s dive into the best series gracing the platform as of April 10, 2024.

Queens, detectives, and spaceships galore

First on our campy hit-list is none other than the reality TV gem “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. This show, in all its glittery glory, is undoubtedly one of the best Amazon Prime Video TV shows to satisfy your sassiest binge-watching cravings. Its campy challenges, heart-tugging backstory segments, and razor-sharp shade throwing have kept audiences hooked for years. With its latest season premiere on, this show remains the empress of the reality TV realm.

In the realm of period drama, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” continues its reign supreme. Its vivid portrayal of a female standup comic in the 1950s New York, combined with its signature blend of drama, comedy, and romantic entanglements, makes it a must-watch. The impeccable set design, stunning costumes, and robust character development are enough to make any Anglophile viewer swoon. Our girl Midge is still slaying, and she’s certainly showing no signs of stopping.

Lastly, we cannot overlook the sci-fi spectacle that is “The Expanse”. Fueled by intense political intrigue, mind-boggling celestial narratives, and deep-diving philosophical undertones, “The Expanse” is a delectable space opera for any hard-core geek. The series continues its exploration of societal ills and humanity’s survival in the far reaches of the cosmos. If the recent seasons are any indication, this show remains an essential choice in the Amazon Prime Video TV shows lineup.

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Shimmering, snappy, and sophisticated

Hold onto your berets, mes amis, because “Emily in Paris” continues to deliver! As frothy and sweet as a Parisian café crème, this series delivers a fashionable feast for the eyes, coupled with Emily’s relatable navigation of cultural faux pas. As one of Amazon Prime video TV shows, this charming extravaganza continues to excite with its most recent season. Emily’s lovable antics and vivid depiction of the city of love keep both travel buffs and fashionistas coming back for more.

Revolving around the edgy counterculture and dangerous politics of the 1960s, Hunters is one fierce competitor. This show weaves together an intense, high-stakes narrative about a band of Nazi hunters in New York City. With Al Pacino delivering a stellar performance and the plot getting juicier by the episode, this show is a sure-fire path to an adrenaline-infused binge-watch.

Lastly, let’s venture into Victorian England with “The Woman in White”. This elegant adaptation of the classic Wilkie Collins novel holds viewers captive with its complex characters and looming mysteries. The juxtaposing themes of innocence and corruption, truth and deception, keep us guessing right up until the wrap-up. This series is a must-see among the literary-inclined viewers out there seeking the exquisite drama among Amazon Prime Video TV shows.

Dystopian futures and unsung heroes

Amazon Prime Video TV shows are also a haven for dystopian narratives and The Man in The High Castle stands out amongst the rest. Set in an alternate history where the Axis powers won World War II, this nail-biter of a series presents a thought-provoking exploration of what our world might look like under totalitarian regimes, thrilling from the first episode to its heart-stopping finale.

Unsolved Mysteries continues to captivate audiences with its chilling blend of true crime and paranormal cases. Each episode uncovers different unsolved incidents, from murders to UFO sightings, stringently avoiding sensationalism and focusing on empathetic storytelling. This revamp of the classic series keeps us coming back seeking answers to the unknown with every twist and turn.

Lastly, we have the sports drama All American, which charts the story of a talented high school footballer navigating the social and racial dynamics of LA and Beverly Hills. Profoundly relatable and thoroughly emotional, this show serves as an intense, heartfelt exploration of ambition, family, and identity, proving that Amazon Prime Video TV shows truly cater to every taste and interest.

End credits rolling

So, there you have it, my dedicated disciples of drama and devoted connoisseurs of comedy, the cherry-picked selection of the best Amazon Prime Video TV shows as of date. Whether you’re hankering after heartwarming heroics, craving jaw-dropping twists or seeking solid showcases of sparkling, snappy dialogue, you’re sure to find a series that casts its enchanting spell. So, grab your remotes, prepare the popcorn, and settle for another treasure-filled binge-session. And remember, with the endlessly evolving catalog of Amazon Prime Video TV shows, there’s always a new world waiting for the nimble click of your play button!

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