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So grab your remote, and your favorite snacks, and let's embark on a journey through the best TV calendar guide for this December.

The ultimate TV calendar for your bingewatching in December

As December rolls in, bringing with it a magical mix of chilly weather and festive cheer, there’s no better time to cozy up and dive into the world of television. Whether you’re snuggled under a blanket with your best mates or flying solo with hot cocoa in hand, the ultimate TV calendar for December is your perfect companion for some top-tier binge-watching. This month, the small screen becomes a gateway to endless adventures, heartwarming stories, and gripping dramas. 

From the comfort of your living room, you can travel to fantastical worlds, solve mysteries, or laugh with the quirkiest characters. So grab your remote, and your favorite snacks, and let’s embark on a journey through the best TV has to offer this December. It’s time to make those long winter nights a little warmer and much more entertaining!

Hulu’s Black Cake is a sumptuous feast for the senses, much like its namesake dessert. Rich in cultural flavors and layered with intrigue, this adaptation of Charmaine Wilkerson’s novel centers on the enigmatic Eleanor Bennett. Despite her early exit, Eleanor, portrayed with a mature gravitas by Mia Isaac, anchors the show’s global family drama. 

Her secret-filled life unfolds through flashbacks, adding depth to each episode. The series occasionally veers into the mundane, but Eleanor’s fiery character cuts through the saccharine, revealing complex layers underneath.

Colin From Accounts on Paramount+ isn’t your typical corporate comedy. It’s an Australian rom-com, featuring Ashley and Gordon’s quirky journey from car crash to co-parenting a special-needs dog. Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall, both series creators, avoid clichés, delivering a rom-com with sharp wit and genuine warmth, perfect for fans of unconventional love stories.

Showtime’s The Curse is a unique blend of comedy and psychological thriller. Nathan Fielder’s character, Asher Siegel, brings an awkward charm to this satire of reality TV and real estate shows, turning it into a Hitchcockian adventure. His performance is a key element in the show’s suspenseful, offbeat appeal.

FX on Hulu presents A Murder at the End of the World, a show that cleverly juggles multiple genres. It’s a detective story set against a backdrop of climate apocalypse, echoing the thematic and narrative complexity of creators Brit Marling & Zal Batmanglij’s earlier work. This series trades speculative sci-fi for a more grounded, yet equally compelling, reality.

Hulu’s Obituary brings a fresh twist to the murder genre. Siobhán Cullen shines as Elvira Clancy, a morbid writer turned murderer, in this darkly comedic crime drama. Her character’s descent into homicidal madness adds a gripping layer of mystery to the series.

Finally, Ghosts UK on CBS and Paramount+ outshines its American counterpart with its sharper cast and more refined humor. This British version brings a richer cultural context to the ghostly comedy, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate a more nuanced approach to sitcoms.

New to Amazon Prime Video

🌟 Candy Cane Lane  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 1**  

Eddie Murphy’s back, and this time, he’s bringing the holiday cheer (and chaos) in Candy Cane Lane. Teaming up again with ‘Boomerang’ director Reginald Hudlin, Murphy plays Chris Carver, a suburban dad with an unhealthy obsession for holiday lights. His encounter with a trickster elf, played by Jillian Bell, turns into a zany adventure where the ’12 Days of Christmas’ gifts go rogue. Expect Murphy’s signature laughs with a side of holiday spirit (and a touch of elfish mischief).

🕵️ Reacher Season 2

**Starts streaming: Dec. 15**  

Alan Ritchson is back as the mountain of a man, Jack Reacher, in a season that promises more twists, turns, and, of course, jaw-dropping action. Based on Lee Child’s novel “Bad Luck and Trouble,” Reacher calls up old pals for a bone-crunching, mystery-solving reunion. It’s big, it’s brawny, and it’s everything a Reacher fan could hope for.

Also arriving:  

Dec. 6: Hollywood Houselift With Jeff Lewis Season 2  

Dec. 7: Coach Prime Season 2  

… and more!

New to Apple TV+

🎄 Shape Island: The Winter Blues  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 1**  

It’s time for adorable shapes and holiday cheer with Shape Island: The Winter Blues. This animated gem, based on the works of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, brings Circle, Square, and Triangle in a festive fiasco to cheer up Square. It’s a holiday special that’s cute, quirky, and quintessentially Shape Island.

Also arriving:  

Dec. 1: Frog and Toad: Christmas Eve  

Dec. 6: John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial 

… and more holiday treats!

New to Disney+

🌊 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 20**  

The gods have spoken, and Percy Jackson is making a grand comeback. This time, the beloved demigod’s story unfolds on Disney+, with Walker Scobell as Percy discovering his divine heritage and embarking on mythical adventures. Will it reach the heights of Harry Potter or Hunger Games? Only the Fates know.

🎄 Doctor Who Holiday Special: The Church on Ruby Road  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 25**  

Timey-wimey gets festive! The 60th anniversary of Doctor Who brings back David Tennant for a holiday special that’s shrouded in mystery but promises to be an exciting ride. 

Also arriving:  

Dec. 1: The Shepherd  

Dec. 8: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Christmas Cabin Fever  

… and more!

New to Hulu

🔎 Culprits Season 1  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 8**  

Crime, mystery, and a dash of dark comedy – Culprits has it all. This series, spun from the mind of J Blakeson, follows the aftermath of a heist, weaving a tale of intrigue and suspense.

🌍 The Mission  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 8**  

The Mission delves deep into the controversial story of John Allen Chau, presenting a nuanced look at a tale that captured global headlines. It’s a documentary that promises to be as compelling as it is controversial.

Also arriving:  

Dec. 6: We Live Here: The Midwest  

Dec. 9: Maestra  

… and more!

New to Max

🕵️ Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage & Reckoning  

**Starts streaming: Dec. 4**  

Delve into a real-life mystery with Murder in Boston. This docu-series, directed by Jason Hehir, unpacks a pivotal case that shook the city to its core, promising to be as gripping as it is enlightening.

Also arriving: 

Dec. 5: Great Photo, Lovely Life: Facing a Family’s Secrets  

… and more!

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