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Watching streams on Twitch can be like walking into a wonderland. Here are the sexual assault allegations against some streamers.

For the longest time, HBO confused us with their two mobile apps: HBO Now vs HBO Go. Here's what you need to know.

If you ask any sort of film nerd, movie theaters are vital. Here's what we know about the Egyptian Theater that Netflix is buying.

HBO is no stranger to streaming services. In fact, with the recent launch of HBO Max, they have three. Don't cancel HBO NOW, here's what you should do.

Does Netflix actually make all of its original content? We take a look at the importance of acquired content in the television world.

Quibi is the latest hot streaming platform, well actually no, they were hoping to be the latest hot streaming platform. Here are the worst shows they offer.

Back in 2007, when BlockBuster still stood, Netflix had just launched its streaming site. If you're still asking what's Netflix, here's our guide.

The lockdown may seem like it will never end to some. Here’s a quick look at some of the best that Netflix has to offer in June 2020.

Since its release in November, Disney+ has featured one of the most impressive streaming libraries. Here are the movies and shows coming to Disney Plus.