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Enough about film fests and panthers and Bonds, James Bonds. Let’s look ahead to better things: it’s finally time to sit back and take a two-day break with

If you caught the most recent episode of 'Black-ish', you likely witnessed the show’s impeccable parody of Jordan Peele’s 'Get Out'. Like 'Black-ish', there have been some great

Responses to the highly anticipated 'A Wrinkle in Time' are streaming in now that the embargo has been lifted, and “mixed” seems to be the operative word.. Based

Usually found drinking a bottle of whiskey a day – a habit we can’t discourage enough – Krysten Ritter’s scowling, biting performance as 'Jessica Jones' ranks high among

Original ideas – who needs ‘em? Definitely not Hollywood as it continues to churn out streams of content from the remake mill. If it seems like there’s a

All you need to do today is fixate your eyeballs on FD’s picks of the best films to catch this weekend. Get lost in “The Shimmer” with 'Annihilation';

The Cloverfield Paradox pulled off a big stunt – did it cheapen the movie? In a groundbreaking play, Netflix released a trailer for The Cloverfield Paradox during the Super

Harvey Weinstein, the social pariah of Hollywood, is using emails from Ben Affleck and Jill Messick to refute claims made by Rose McGowan, who alleges that he raped

Tom Tykwer’s period thriller ‘Babylon Berlin’ has taken top honors at the German TV Awards – the country’s equivalent to the Emmys – including Best Drama. The series,