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As we cry into our pillows over the thought of 'The Americans' bowing out of TV for good, we’re also kinda stoked there’s one more season to go.

As we continue to speculate upon just what ghoulish, greedy stories Hawley has up his sleeve for us in season four, here are eleven of the most WTF

Whether you’re currently vibing off 'Krypton' or not, this seems like an opportune time to recap some of Superman’s most awesome movie moments ever (and yes, we’re conveniently

As you’re likely well aware, Poehler & Spivey aren’t the only 'Parks and Recreation' alums to have gone on to enjoy a wonderful, impressive career. Here are some

Whether you’re looking to laugh or you’re looking to make people laugh, you’d benefit from knowing about the best independent comedy film festivals. Whatever your comedy looks like

From the level of noise surrounding this story, it's clear everyone is seriously thirsty for any 'Stranger Things' info they can get their hands on. To keep that

Pan-Asian zombie hit Train to Busan is set to be adapted into a virtual reality experience. Presumably such an experience will entail heaps of undead tension, as users

The long-awaited 'Supernatural' crossover episode with Scooby Doo is mere days away. While we haven’t seen the episode, we’re already convinced it may become one of those legendary

While we’ve already seen a plethora of Netflix movies come out this month so far, here are some of the streaming giant’s best upcoming flicks, including a dangerous