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Logline: Clueless jerk enters a heavenly afterlife by way of admin error, schemes to keep herself there. Verdict: "I hear wind chimes, everyone look away! I'ma keep watching but everyone

Logline: Idiot jerk enters heaven by admin error, commits hijinks to keep herself there. Verdict: Spoilers spoilers! The Good Place typically follows Eleanor (Kristen Bell) accidentally getting into “the good

Logline: What happens when idiot jerk Eleanor Shellstrop accidentally gets into heaven. Verdict: Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! “If you steal a loaf of bread it’s negative seventeen points – twenty

Logline: What happens when a total jerk goes to forking heaven (or is it)? Complete spoilers for The Good Place follow. Michael Schur’s brilliantly subversive and whimsical laugh riot The