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There’s a lot going on this week in the ever-changing beast that is Hollywood, from a monumental box office surprise to the upcoming premiere of the second season

Actor & director James Franco (The Disaster Artist) has been accused of sexually inappropriate and exploitative behavior by five women. These fresh allegations contribute to the mounting case

Deadpool 2 producers keep T.J. Miller . . . probably Earlier this month, the outlook was bleak for actor & comedian T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley), as the Hollywood

The last 12 months have been quite a rollercoaster ride, with a torrent of sexual harassment and misconduct scandals in Hollywood making it to the forefront of mainstream media.

Deadline spoke to award-winning composer Daniel Pemberton on how he remained a rock for director Ridley Scott during his last-minute decision to salvage All the Money in the

Another awards show has come and gone. Such a delight to watch every film you care about lose out, and all the mediocrity get celebrated! Awards shows obviously

Disney has been having a good month. How could they not be? The House of Mouse surpassed the $5 billion mark at the international box office and scooped

Yesterday, the bombshell dropped: The Walt Disney Company announced it will be completing its plan for world domination, having expanded its intergalactic empire and scooped up 21st Century

Test audiences “couldn’t believe” Franco’s The Disaster Artist was based on a true story The suspension of disbelief is a critical element in storytelling, but it turns out that