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A year after our 'Big Little Lies' obsession began, Jean-Marc Vallée is returning to HBO with a drama miniseries titled 'Sharp Objects'. In celebration of, here’s a ranking

The cinema industry has been on a steady decline over the past several years, mostly due to VOD services, which are the prime thorn in the side of

Apple has been making Hollywood pretty damn nervous at the moment without even uttering a word. And that’s the point: the tech giant has been so secretive with

After receiving immediate backlash from the audience it was somehow seeking to “empower”, the Amy Schumer-starring comedy 'I Feel Pretty' has done surprisingly alright at the box office

'Westworld' is back and the women of Sweetwater mean serious business. In the first episode of S2, we saw homely cowgirl Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) packing some heavy

The industry is really going batshit for Britain right now, huh? Four years after being ordered straight to series (and hitting an apparent dead end at HBO), weird

The HBO show 'Westworld' is stacked full of ferocious femmes, but how do they hold up against some other notable female gunslingers from TV shows and movies of

In the past couple of years there have been numerous innovative and unexpected soundtracks featured in some of the best TV shows. So here are thirteen of what

While we’re fully aware of the creators’ frustration at the accuracy and sheer volume of fan theories circulating since the show’s premiere in 2016, we thought we’d look