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This week we’re looking at series and season finales to get your hype levels through the roof – all part of our furious campaign to save our fave shows.

Help us #SaveSaturdays with our third rewatch challenge

What’s up, superfan? We hope you’ve been bingewatching the hell out of your favorite shows this past weekend. Thanks so much for joining us on our ride to #SaveSaturdays. It’s been a tough journey, especially if you’ve been experiencing radio silence from networks who refuse to budge on their wrong-headed decisions.

This week we’re still powering through with our fingers crossed that the upcoming release of Shadowhunters season 3B will reignite the show’s chances for a renewal. The two-part season finale is looking epic but, if you’re anything like us, it’s just gonna leave everyone wanting more!

So grab your phones and start livetweeting what you’re watching. Get in contact with actors, writers, and producers and send them all your love. Phone your friends and make sure they’re prepared for late nights and unhealthy snacks as we hunker down for an allnighter of endless bingewatching. And, most importantly, tune in to Shadowhunters when it drops on February 25th.

This week we’re looking at series and season finales to get your hype levels through the roof. Prep yourself for the anger that comes with an unresolved cliffhanger or loose plot thread, but rest assured it’s all part of our furious campaign to save our fave shows.

Check out the list below and get tweeting @FilmDailyNews!

Shadowhunters “Erchomai” (S03E10)

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Shit got real last time we saw Clary & the gang. Jace is possessed, Simon’s sister is hospitalized, Magnus loses his powers, and their whole world is going up in smoke. With Shadowhunters’s return imminent, there’s no doubt you’ll be rewatching this one frantically – so consider this challenge an easy check off your list.

Timeless “The Miracle of Christmas” (S02E27/28)

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We know Christmas has already been and gone, but let’s face it, Timeless fans out there aren’t gonna wait another ten months to revisit potentially the last ever episode of their fave timeline-hopping adventure. In this feature-length final bout to stop Rittenhouse once and for all, the Lifeboat crew enlists the help of their future selves for a mission spanning the California Gold Rush and the Korean war to save Rufus and bargain for their lives.

Colony “What Goes Around” (S01E06)

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Last week we pitched a tight standalone episode for fans to introduce to potential new watchers. This week we’re all about dedicated fans, so prepare yourself for chaos and confusion if you haven’t been keeping up. Snyder is struggling to keep the Seattle colony under his thumb amid recent destruction, and Will is about to make the biggest sacrifice yet in order to save his family from a new threat.

Hannibal “The Wrath of the Lamb” (S03E13)

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We got so close to a fully realised Hannibal adaptation from start to finish, but we’ll just have to settle for skipping from the thrilling season finale straight to The Silence of the Lambs and gloss over the change in case. Sure it’s jarring and will make no sense, but that’s what we have to live with when TV networks like NBC don’t want us to have nice things.

Everything Sucks! “We Were Merely Freshmen” (S01E08)

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Kate and Emaline’s romance finally starts to flourish amid heartbreaks, betrayals, fixed wounds, and reunions. As the kids’ first film is on its way to completion, the students of Boring High realize more than ever that life is complicated, and sometimes the only way to fix it is with a slice of pizza.

Sense8 “Amor Vincit Omnia” (S02E12)

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Stunning, satisfying, transcendent, cathartic, draining. The finale to Sense8 runs long at two-and-a-half hours, but you won’t regret a single second spent with one of the most engaging television ensembles in recent memory. Give it another watch to remind you of the culmination of the Wachowski Sisters’ frenetic and unpredictable career, or let this be a reminder to set aside an evening and throw it on if you’ve been putting it off since its release last summer.

Dark Matter “Nowhere to Go” (S03E13)

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Get ready for pain. We now know Dark Matter was building towards a fourth and fifth season, with the secret of the Black Ships prepped for exploration in the next thirteen episodes. This is still as good a season finale as you could hope to see for one of the best sci-fi shows in recent years, but watching those closing minutes, knowing that we could never see a fully realised conclusion, still hurts.

Killjoys “Sporemageddon” (S04E10)

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From heartbreaking to heart-stopping, Killjoys may have been cancelled but there’s still a whole new series dropping later this year to satiate your thirst after watching this thrilling finale. With the Lady about to unleash chaos, the Jacobis enter the Greenspace to help Aneela defeat it once and for all.

Scorpion “A Lie in the Sand” (S04E22)

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Last week, the Scorpion crew were battling sharks in the middle of the ocean. This time, their only hope of saving the world is by driving fuel through a minefield during a sandstorm. In this thrilling final episode, both the stakes and our pulses are raised to breaking point.

The Mayor “Death of a Councilman” (S01E13)

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More than one year on, we’re still confused why this sharp and snarky comedy failed to stay on air. Check out the last episode, in which T.K. runs for a place on the City Council, to find out why we think it deserves a second chance.

Ghosted “Hello Boys” (S01E16)

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If you’re still juiced from Doug Judy’s thrilling return to Brooklyn Nine Nine, and you can’t wait for Adam Scott to return to The Good Place, make sure to check out Scott and Craig Robinson in this excellent and underrated buddy supernatural comedy. In the hilarious finale, the duo find themselves in over their heads when they finally track down one of their leads.

Ash vs. Evil Dead “The Mettle of Man” (S03E10)

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The Dead are terrorizing the world, the military are out of control, and only Ash and his amateur tank-driving skills have a chance to save the day. The finale to Sam Raimi’s cult continuation is just as groovy, madcap, and gory as ever, but leave it to the Evil Dead series to open up the biggest can of worms yet just before its cancellation.

Good Behavior “Letty Raines, in the Mansion, with the Gun” (S02E10)

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One of the more underrated shows to receive a cancellation, but we’re still fighting for this sleazy, sexy thriller to make a return. In the precarious season finale, Letty tries desperately to tie up some loose ends but fears she might end up back in jail for good this time.

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