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Join our campaign to #SaveSaturdays with our 2nd rewatch challenge

What’s happening, bingewatcher? We hope you enjoyed our rewatch challenge last week. We’ve been totally impressed by your overwhelming support for some of our fave cancelled shows, and hopefully we’re getting the networks to realize they may have made some horrible mistakes.

This week, we’re back at it again with another list of stunning, gripping, jaw-droppingly good episodes to remind you what the cats over at Freeform, SyFy, NBC, and the rest are missing out on.

So grab your fellow fans and newbies alike and meet up with whoever you know has the biggest TV. Whether this is your fifth bingewatch of that favorite show or the first time introducing a friend to one of your faves, there’s something for everyone. Get watching, get tweeting – and let’s #SaveSaturdays.

Shadowhunters “The Powers That Be” (S03E02)

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Shadowhunters’s finale is right around the corner, so before things get rill dark we thought it may be a good idea to turn the clock back to simpler times. Love is in the air this episode as Jace and Clary finally get serious about their feelings, but things quickly turn awkward when their first romantic encounter turns into a double date.

Meanwhile, Magnus and Alec enjoy some ley line-related hijinx together. All in all, “The Powers that Be” is a cheery episode bound to remind you why you fell in love with these characters – before we’re forced to say our goodbyes.

Timeless “Mrs Sherlock Holmes” (S02E07)

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Remember when Timeless did Sherlock better than the BBC? Taking the gang back to 1919, the time-travelling heroes enlist the help of genuine feminist hero Grace Humiston, the first female Special Assistant United States Attorney (and part-time supersleuth) to track down a killer at large. As always with Timeless, this episode explores a slice of lesser-known American history all the while delivering the action-packed goods.

Colony “Tamam Shud” (S01E06)

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Colony is an underrated dystopian show that completely does away with the love-triangle nonsense of pop-culture icons like The Hunger Games and its slew of imitators. A stripped-down, bare-bones, gritty sci-fi thriller, we think the season 2 episode “Tamam Shud” is one of the series’s best showcases of the sleek action and by-the-balls suspense it became infamous for. It’s a taut, self-contained story that offers an intriguing entry into the show without giving away too many secrets.

Hannibal “Coquilles” (S01E05)

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Hannibal was perhaps best known for questioning our moral integrity each week by making crime scenes into works of art – and human flesh into exquisite dining. Its first season is still one of the most impressive first outings of television we’ve ever seen, and no episode encapsulates Hannibal’s morbid brilliance than “Coquilles”, in which a couple are murdered, flayed, and positioned like a Renaissance painting. Horrifically beautiful.

Everything Sucks! “I Just Wanna Be Anybody” (S01E08)

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Perhaps the best throughline of the short-lived series Everything Sucks is the hint of romance between burgeoning lesbian Kate and the mysterious Emaline. We won’t spoil exactly how if you’re new, but this episode had us on the edge of our seats as it toyed with our inner romantic.

Sense8 “Limbic Resonance” (S01E01)

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Last week we had you watching the very last episode, a two-hour extravaganza of payoff and pathos for an ensemble of characters we’ve grown to adore. This week, our challenge is taking you right back to the very start, but with an extra twist: get a pal who’s never seen the show to watch the first episode, and dare them not to love it.

Dark Matter “All the Time in the World” (S03E04)

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We’ll save you the pain of rewatching that crushing season finale, knowing that we’ll potentially never know what’s coming next, but we’re going to revisit the final season this week. Previously criticized as a rare filler episode for the series, we think Dark Matter’s “All the Time in the World” is an underrated gem in the season, particularly after Russian Doll reminded all of us that riffs on time loops like Groundhog Day can be a good idea after all.

Killjoys “Schooled” (S01E05)

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One of our favorite elements in Killjoys has to be the palpable sexual tension between Dutch and her best frenemy Delle Seyah Kendry, the strict and regal member of the Nine Families. This episode is Delle-heavy, featuring the first time the flirtatious pair team up for real, and is bound to convince your Killjoys-skeptic friends that the series is much more than another macho space adventure.

Scorpion “Sharknerdo” (S03E15)

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At its essence, Scorpion is a love letter to B-movies. Each ep, the team deals with insane scenarios and hare-brained schemes – but always with a self-aware wink other shows of its ilk never managed to pull off. It just doesn’t get better than a mission involving pirate treasure, a sunken galleon, and a school of sharks.

The Mayor “Will You Accept This Rose?” (S01E06)

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and you may have noticed a slight theme with some of our picks for this week. Take a break from the will-they-won’t-theys and celebrate modern love with this episode of The Mayor as Courtney discovers that dating with ulterior motives is no match for the real thing.

Ghosted “Ghost Studz” (S01E07)

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From romance to bromance, join one of our favorite comedy duos, Craig Robinson & Adam Scott, as the boys of the Bureau Underground tag along with paranormal investigators who discover that supernatural entities are much more than a hoax.

Ash vs. Evil Dead “Confinement” (S02E05)

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Ash vs. Evil Dead worked best when there were no pretenses, just an endless slew of blood, guts, and loving references to all your favorite horror films. We’re talking practically every episode. “Confinement” is one of the best, wrapping the introduction of its most sinister recurring villain yet, Baal, in tributes to everything from Terminator 2 to The Thing.

Good Behavior “You Could Discover Me” (S02E05)

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We know a show primarily about con artists and drug abuse isn’t exactly the most wholesome way to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, but we think we’ve found a compromise. “You Could Discover Me” isn’t exactly a tribute to love but, given that it centres around a heist targeting the owner of a drag club in which Letty (obviously) goes undercover as a performer, it’s probably the closest this show comes to a Valentine’s Day special.

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