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Read why y’all love Malec – and why any buyer of 'Shadowhunters' will be graced with the most committed fans in the history of fandom.

Save Malec: Here’s why the fandom loves the ‘Shadowhunters’ couple

As the song goes: “Love is a Battlefield”. This phrase certainly rings true in the unrelenting battle to see Shadowhunters return to our screens. Pride month may be over, but it’s always high time we celebrated Shadowhunters for its great LGBTQI+ representation.

Magnus and Alec’s authentically queer relationship embodies so much of what makes the show great. It reflects why Shadowhunters is a critical part of pop culture that needs to be saved. For those who might not be too familiar with the show yet, the relationship between Alec & Magnus is a rare example seen on the small screen.

We’ve already waxed lyrical about this topic plenty of times, which is why we decided to give Malec stans a voice. Below, you can read why y’all love Malec – and why any buyer of Shadowhunters will be graced with the most committed fans in the history of fandom.

Sparrow 5

Quite simply the greatest love story ever. They reminded me what love should be. The initial attraction, the uncertainty, the leap of faith and the thing that most couples forget “relationships take work”. They didn’t give up on each other no matter what they came back together.

Thu Thuy

I started watching the show because of this couple. The way @HarryShumJr and @MatthewDaddario portrait them is unbelievable. The collaboration between a gay shadowhunter and a bi warlock is what we rarely see on TV. For me, #malec help improves a lot of relationships in the show.


They are genuine, they understand each other, they love each other, they are faithful


Malec portray a healthy LGBTQ+ relationship on multiple popular platforms and went against stereotypes, while addressing them.They show young and old people how loving and right these relationships are and teach people that it is OKAY. Overall, it shows the perfect example of love

Silvia Mtz Arzola‏

MALEC’s love is FoRever!!

I don’t know what to say.. MALEC is all about true love, they fighting for their love through the hard way, MALEC teaches to accept himself because each one is who is & that can’t change, but they always try to keep love. No matter what happens their love is winner


In Dutch I would say: ‘ware wederhelft’. #Malec are each other’s soulmates, partners for life. They are just made for each other and complement each other. They make each other better. Together they are very powerful and nothing can stop them! #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters


They are just amazing, iconic and such a good and healthy representation #saveshadowhunters

I love how they were both able to become better people thanks to their love and how they are able to accept themselves and each other despite all their differences and are ready to do anything if it means that the other will be happy #saveshadowhunters #shadowhunters #Malec

Alexandra Panait  

They represent true love, pure, altruistic, and they manage to overcome any obstacle to stay together! Such love makes you believe that life deserves to live even to live such a love story


For a fictional couple, they feel so very real. They fight, they fall, they learn, they communicate, they help each other back up and they never hold it against each other. The honesty in which they’re portrayed is so refreshing.

Donatella KnockOff‏

Let’s start with:

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely never been done before. They cute, they fancy, they powerful, they better than Beyoncé, they a powerhouse, they a religion, they a universe

Miss Harry‏ 

Is there really a reason to love MALEC! Hello! It’s MALEC!


They are generous and they love each other no matter what! Whatever they go through they always find their way back to each other!


I love malec because they are everything a couple should be. Real with problems they can and will overcome.


I love them because they help so many people because they love each other so much and when people watch them they maybe open themselves

Alyssa Smith‏

I honestly can’t put it into words.


M *  mesmerizing

A  * amazing

L  * loving

E  * epic

C  * couple

embodiment of a “healthy” LGBTQ+ representation on TV, like any other couple, plus a happy ending. Thank you Harry Shum Jr & Matthew Daddario.


The fact that there’s nothing toxic about the relationship. They support and understand each other so much. They would literally shake heaven and earth for each other. And most of all their love has inspired so many and made us fall in love with their love.


healthy representation is vital and theirs is so beautiful. it validates so many people.


Words can’t explain why I love them so much


Malec is just incredible. There love is a love full of respect. Malec is a little bit different too other couples what makes them so special and lovely. No Love is stronger and better than Malec’s love. Because of them I believe in Love


Their story, their commitment, the beautiful love they formed despite all odds. They’re soulmates. It’s Alec’s first love and Magnus’s true love.

Mags’ Martini Magic‏ 

#Malec is a couple that shows how much people can change & grow in their personal beliefs when they start fighting for their own happiness. They also show how much two people can uplift & support each other. They are true soulmates and partners for life #Shadowhunters


It’s simple. 

Is the best love story, a great couple.

Natasha Maree  

Alec and Magnus are true love. They destroyed stereotypes all over the Shadow World and dared to change it for the better. Without them we would never have Aline and Helen or Ty and Kit, they’re just so soft and pure and loving and so, so beautiful

Karin Dutchdario 

I’ll try to put my feelings into words. I love their love. It’s so deep, loving, special. They are soul mates, they’ll love each other in every universe in every reality. Watching them, reading about them makes me so happy. They own my heart and soul. #Shadowhunters #Malec

Give me S4 Shadowhunters or give me death 

They are the epitome of a loving, understanding, supportive relationship no matter what but still show they are constantly growing together and both help each  other out of dark places. I have never seen such unconditional love in any other couple

Shirlexia Tan‏ 

For me, it surprises myself that #Malec was the healthiest of all the relationships on the show itself. They represent the LGBTQ+ relationship in a way that it’s so normal – sharing life’s ups and downs, not giving up on each other when times are tough, no dramatic affairs!

Krishnaveni B‏ 

I really think what I loved about them was their ability to “find their way back to each other”…most importantly they make me believe in the “FOREVER KINDA LOVE”


Is nice to see a LGBTQ+ couple with a great story to tell that doesn’t focus on their relationship orientation. Coming from different worlds, they learned to support each other despite the hard times. A sample of a good relationship (specially for young people) #shadowhunters #malec


Their relationship is realistic, portraying both the pluses and minuses, and also healthy. Neither judges the other based on their orientation/no.of exes/ experience or whatever, and even CAMILLE wasn’t able to drive a wedge between them.

#SaveShadowhunters #Malec

Myriam W‏ 

#Malec is endearing, their love has no limits. Despite their differences they can no longer live without each other without feeling a great inner emptiness. In short, the best couple you can dream of. They are so beautiful together… ?? #SaveShadowhunters ➰♾


The bond they have that no one can even break not in a million years

C.B. Wentworth‏ 

They are the epitome of soft, selfless, and true love. They make me believe anything is possible. #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters


Malec is a testament to my beliefs that love is love, and that love triumphs against all odds.  #SaveShadowhunters #Shadowhunters


They show  you with just a little work and a lot of love there is nothing you can’t get through together. A very unique kind of love


They’re individually brave, beautiful, intelligent, flawed and together they’re deeply loving, vulnerable, passionate, balanced and enduring. Malec is the romance of our time. The promise of true love. #shadowhunters #malec


Because they are the loveliest loves who ever loved.


One of the reasons I love #Malec is because they are the epitome of a relationship: the good, bad, and everything in between. And because no matter what happened, they never gave up on or stopped fighting for each other.

Shadowhunters 4Ever‏ 

The idea of Alec: a heroic warrior losing his virginity in his 20s to the man of his dreams and marrying him. Perhaps not a guy fantasy, but obviously a female fan one.

janbo baggins‏ 

I malec for their perseverance as a couple and the rep they offer tv audiences #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters

Sian265, Denise  

They took a chance on each other, opening their hearts completely to each, holding nothing back. They played no games with each, were open and honest and the trust! Together they are the power couple and because of that separately they can stand proud/strong


There isn’t just enough words in this world to describe it.


Undeniable love for each other, an utterly beautiful and no couple can compare to them. #SaveShadowhunters


I have so many reasons I love Malec that I would go over the word count..


They make me cry when watching them to this day. They don’t emphasize their orientation and show this pure beautiful connection and love between two amazing people. People don’t love them because they are gay couple, but because they are AMAZING couple.


2 main characters who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community in a healthy relationship that destroyed bisexual & gay stereotypes who fought for each other & inspired others around them to embrace who they are. Malec is the epitome of true love, caring, & selflessness in a relationship


no show has represented such a healthy gay relationship before. both Alec and Magnus destroyed stereotypes for gay and bisexual people respectively. they are MAIN CHARACTERS and are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and the writers did them justice by giving them a happy ending.


Even though they are fictional & supernatural they give me hope for love, for gettin over obstacles, for changing lives & the world… They are a shining example of inspiration, larger than life & so so so relatable human at the same time! #MalecForever #SaveShadowhunters


They learned how to talk through their struggles, how to trust each other and they truly enjoyed each other’s company. They laughed together, grieved together, played together and supported each other. They’re just so very wonderful.


I love them because they are one of the most realistic and honest couples of tv. The fact that they are a interracial gay couple make them even more beautiful, amaxing and important. #Malec #shadowhunters


#malec are from ‘different worlds, different centuries’, yet they compliment each other. They give each other unconditional love and support. They’ve shared the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. They make mistakes, and learn from them together. They’re truly meant to be.


Love the relationship from the principle. How developed and how you managed to overtake the different problems that arose in the relationship. This would not have been possible without the excellent interpretation of HarryShumJr and MatthewDaddario.

Rachel Register‏

Malec is my OTP. Magnus showed that someone will support you through anything as long as you stay honest. Alec showed that it’s okay to be yourself, even if people don’t agree with it. Together they showed that it’s possible to overcome anything with someone by your side.

Ashley Taylor‏ 

“Alec Lightwood loved one man so much that he changed the world for him.”

Cheryl Casale 

From a female fan: they make me have hope that there’s a guy out there for me that will look at me the way they look at each other, respect. Loyalty, love, go to the ends of the earth for me etc.

I’m just going to say why I love them: they make me have hope of finding a guy that will look at me like they do and would go to the ends of the earth for me.

Vicky Bower 

I love their pure love for each other you see it in all its rawness Alec as a shy closeted young guy who puts it all on the line even b4 a first date, the vulnerability of Magnus who has been hurt b4 and Alec actually went to hell and back for Magnus. It’s the love I could only dream about.

Trafalgar Jessica 

Why I love Malec? It’s such an amazing ship. Alec and Magnus are so cute together. And this relationship is so healthy! They are soulmates and their love is so strong that they always find their way back to each other! The ship is just so unique and I love it!

Chris Phillips 

I love Malec because they are not afraid to play a couple that thinks it is ok to be together instead of thinking about the prejudice and differences they have around them. They are just two people who are truly in love with each other.

Sandra Lee Coulter 

Mostly because of Magnus, and how he wasn’t portrayed as a “cheating” bisexual, as most bisexuals are represented as. As a pansexual it was a pulling factor to keep watching the show and see myself being represented respectfully, unapologetically, and passionately. 

Also, the gay panic Alec had in the beginning made me giggle.

Also, the struggles Alec went through before coming out, and then once he did, really hits home to many people in the queer community, as well as myself. In a world of fantasy and magical creations, it shines light on very real issues, and it was tearful to see him and his family come out closer at the end because of it. 

They are my favourite tv series/book series couple.

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Kagi Soracia 

they’re legit one of the most authentic and exquisitely acted queer couples who have ever been on screen, they have ups and downs like straight couples but they aren’t just there for drama, they’re real, just people in love. 

Really in love, against all odds, and it’s beautiful to watch. It’s so rare for a show to focus on a queer couple without turning them tragic or pushing them to the background. As a queer person I feel like they are really important, representation wise.

Bry Smith 

I love malec because it is a great relationship for LGBTQ people. It shows that everyone has someone who wants them

Nikki Olderon 

I love malec because no matter what they went through they never gave up on each other and they show its ok to be you when people see you different. They show no matter where a person comes from its not where they come from that makes them and the person carries themself.

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  • I Love the Malec ships i ship then for live!! Hope u all havs a great day!! Now Im watching the last seson🙁

    September 7, 2020

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