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Here’s our ranking of the ten hottest, sexiest Malec (Matthew Daddario & Harry Shum Jr.) scenes in 'Shadowhunters'. And remember: #SaveMalec.

Matthew Daddario: Ranking Malec’s hottest ‘Shadowhunters’ scenes

As fans continue to fight to #SaveShadowhunters it’s also clear they’re desperate to see one particular part of the show continue to thrive: Malec.

The love story between Shadowhunter Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Warlock Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) is truly one for the ages and has offered one of the most beautiful, romantic, and occasionally funniest romances ever seen on the small screen.

Oh, and one other thing: Malec is also supremely hot.

Though S3 of the show has seen the steamy couple enjoying the quieter more domestic moments of their relationships (including making some sweet smelling shampoo and cooking dinner for Alec’s mom), their relationship is still utterly engrossing to watch.

But in seasons one and two it was a fiery furnace of flirtation and sexy fun times that we quite frankly may never quite get over. But we’re all too happy to revisit some of the hottest Malec moments ever seen on ShadowhuntersThe things we do for research!

Here’s our ranking of the ten hottest Malec scenes in Shadowhunters so far – be sure to let us know which ones we’ve missed off! And remember: #SaveMalec.

10. Magnus loves a challenge: “Moo Shu to Go” (S1E5)

There are few things that have been as low-key sexy in Shadowhunters as Magnus trying (and failing) to ask Alec out for a drink before stating, “Playing hard to get. I love a challenge,” with all the excited swagger of a man already suited up to fight for what he wants.

9. Magnus kisses Alec in a bid to save him: “Parabatai Lost” (S2E3)

Malec provided a modern day twist on Sleeping Beauty when Magnus tried to wake his prince with his very own version of “true love’s kiss”. It doesn’t exactly work since Jace is the one that eventually pulls Alec out and back into life. But that only makes it all the more significant when Alec assures Magnus that he felt his presence and the kiss “did make a difference.”

8. Malec’s supremely lit meet-cute: “Raising Hell” (S1E4)

Between Magnus practically drooling all over the floor of a downworlder’s club when he first spies Alec in action to the two later sharing a lingering gaze at each other when they’re first officially introduced, Malec’s meet-cute is pure fire.

7. Alec gets real about Magnus being “ugly”: “A Problem of Memory” (S2E15)

Be still, our beating hearts! Alec swoops in like a white knight when his beloved agonizes over past traumas regarding his mother’s death and how he set fire to his stepfather afterwards. When Magnus foolishly states that he’s ugly because of what he did, Alec assures him that he’s anything but, stating: “There is nothing ugly about you.”

6. Malec share strength: “Of Men and Angels” (S1E6)

Ah yes, the pre-Malec days. Back when Magnus was still trying to pull that innocent “I just happen to need virgin Shadowhunter energy to save Luke from a werewolf bite” schtick just to get close to Alec. The two saved the day by sharing their strength and there’s some unmistakable sexual tension between the two that is incandescently sizzling.

5. Alec unlocks something in Magnus: “Of Men and Angels” (S1E6)

After a damn near entire century of being his very own emotional panic room of closed off feelings towards men and women, Magnus takes a bold stride in moving things forward with Alec by proclaiming to the Shadowhunter: “You’ve unlocked something in me.” – which is just about the sexiest possible way of saying “we belong together” while being fully clothed.

4. Malec says “I love you” for the first time: “By the Light of Dawn” (S2E10)

Firstly, Alec is terrified that Magnus has been killed so it’s high drama all round. By the time the warlock finally shows up at The Institute, the two are finally ready to declare their undying love for each other. It’s adorable and it’s moving and it’s sealed with a fiery kiss so blazing that our laptop screen damn well fogged up when we first watched it due to all the steam.

3. Malec sleep together for the first time: “How Are Thou Fallen” (S2E7)

It’s incredibly endearing to see a warlock with so much romantic and sexual experience proving to be genuinely nervous about “rushing into anything” with his new lover. Likewise, it’s also super hot to see Alec (with considerably less experience) assuredly taking the lead in the two consummating their love for the first time. The result is a connection so scorching we’re surprised the bed didn’t turn to cinder beneath them.

2. Malec makeout: “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen” (S2E18)

This entire episode is a stunning tribute to Malec and their relationship during one of their most testing moments and it’s brimming with emotional flashbacks that highlight one major truth: Magnus and Alec are soulmates.

But the best scene in the episode is by far the one where Malec enjoys a jaw-dropping make-out session that’s as hot as it is tender. The connection is palpable between the two as they giggle and tease while tearing each other’s clothes off.

However, when Magnus interrupts the make-out sesh to hide his cat eyes from his lover, we see both characters in a moment of pure vulnerability. Alec won’t stand for Magnus feeling like he has to hide any part of himself from him and declares “You’re beautiful.” It’s precious.

1. Malec enjoy their first kiss (in the most inappropriate setting): “Malec” (S1E12)

This video has three million views on it (and counting) for good reason, ladies and gentlemen. It’s one of the sweetest and hottest scenes in modern TV history.

Magnus rocks up to Alec’s wedding just in time to catch his honey getting cold feet at the altar and realizing that his wedding to Lydia isn’t “the right thing” to do, as he’d previously thought. Instead, Alec makes the bold decision to choose Magnus and practically charges towards him lips first to plant the most scorching gay kiss ever seen at a hetero wedding.

Naturally, it provokes a swell of shock, commotion, and utter joy in the wedding guests watching – for us it was 100% pure unfiltered swoon.

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