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Here’s our ranking of the ten hottest Malec scenes in 'Shadowhunters' so far – be sure to let us know which ones we’ve missed off! And remember: #SaveMalec.

We’ve teamed with Boom Bitches SH and David Nephilim to reveal his excellent fan-funded LA billboard poster for the upcoming season of 'Shadowhunters'.

We’ve been talking a lot about why 'Shadowhunters' deserves to continue. Want to #SaveShadowhunters? Let’s make it happen, Shadowfam – here’s how.

Want to know more about young adult show 'Shadowhunters'? What you need is a guide – and we’re here to provide you with one.

The save 'Shadowhunters' fan campaign knows no borders and is being expressed in a myriad of different, beautiful languages online.

Throughout 'Shadowhunters', Magnus Bane dazzled with his bluntness, amazing fashion sense, and big heart. Test your Warlock knowledge with our Magnus quiz.

We turned over this piece to the people who know Clace the best: 'Shadowhunters' fans. Here’s why they (and we) are absolutely head over heels for Clace.

Freeform isn’t a villain, but it certainly has the potential to be a good guy and do the right thing in saving 'Shadowhunters'.

Since the 90s, there’s been a steady incline of supernatural teen shows exploring some heavy issues through the guise of supernatural metaphors.