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Here's another 'Shadowhunters' quiz, centered around Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Jace (Dominic Sherwood) – or as we know them, “Clace”.

Dominic Sherwood: Chase the Clace romance with our ‘Shadowhunters’ quiz

Calling all Shadowfans! We’re treating you to yet another Shadowhunters quiz, this time centered around definitely not siblings Clary and Jace – or as we know them, “Clace”.

The Shadowhunters finale left us in mourning over our favorite ‘ship and whether or not they get a happy ending. With #SaveShadowhunters still very much alive, we hope Clace can be resurrected for some much needed closure. In the meantime, we hope our little quiz about our fave lovers can fill the hole in everyone’s hearts left by Shadowhunters.

Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood had electric on-screen chemistry in Shadowhunters. Although some are still shipping Climon, Clace will always be the endgame in our eyes. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Shadowhunters or the finale, what are you doing here? Go and enjoy the love story of Clace, then come back and take part in this Clace quiz.

Tweet us @FilmDaily with your score and share your favourite Clace moment from Shadowhunters! And for more Clace love, check out our second Clace quiz here.

Do you truly ship Clace? Take our ‘Shadowhunters’ quiz to find out!

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