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We’re treating you to yet another 'Shadowhunters' quiz, this time centered around definitely not siblings Clary and Jace – or as we know them, “Clace”.

We can't get enough of 'Shadowhunters' OTP - Clace! Here's our second quiz dedicated to this amazing ship. Test your knowledge now!

We released the first part of this heartfelt film last week, and as promised, part two of your love notes to 'Shadowhunters' is here now!

We dedicate time to the unheralded scary side of one of the best couples ever on TV: here are Malec’s spookiest moments from 'Shadowhunters'.

Let’s take a look at some of Alec’s best moments from 'Shadowhunters' S3B. (Be prepared for numerous brooding stares from Matthew Daddario.)

Being a vampire can be a challenge, and Simon Lewis is no exception. His journey on 'Shadowhunters' proves he's the best worst vampire ever.

'Shadowhunters' may have been cancelled but the Shadowfam are still going strong. Here’s the first part of our heartfelt fan film, we hope you enjoy it.

‘Shadowhunters”s LGBTQI representation is unrivaled by most of the TV shows today, something that many could learn from.

We are starved for new 'Shadownhunters' content, so we’ve decided to deep dive into all things Matthew Daddario. Enter our giveaway now!